Pass it On

IMG_9019 I read a great many blogs. I enjoy meeting people and reading their thoughts. There is one  I enjoy a great deal. I think it is because her last months have paralleled mine.

Last November the author went home to take care of her mum. She has gone thru intense health issues. She had to put her life ‘on hold’. She questions where she is and what she is doing. Today, she wrote a piece which truly spoke to me.

Last fall, I had a friend turn my questions around as to what I needed to choose to do for mum. I realised mum was a treasure and she needed shared. I have shared her a great deal these last months, but like Ana, I am asking to see. See where to go next. I am amazed at Mum’s progress towards better well being. Yet….her 19-9 numbers went up again and she shakes all the time. I yelled at God (yes, it is ok to do this now and again. He gets it) and asked Him to do something. Mum has had her hand taken care of and I was supposed to schedule her for an appointment today (I forgot) with a Dr she isn’t fond of. Is this what I am supposed to do? Will I, should I choose to leave her? Her room, which was incredibly tidy, is a mess again. I don’t want the rest of the things we’ve done to fall apart. I don’t know what to do. My blessing today is Ana in Beauty Beyond Bones and reminding me to ask Him to help me to see. Thank you.



For Mom’s Day I asked my sister to bring the shortcake, angel food, or whatever. She opted to make chocolate shortbread and brought strawberries and whipped topping in a can. I had chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate syrup and mini chocolate chips. Some of us put them all in the same bowl, my brother in law’s dish held a beautiful sundae! I mean, strawberry shortcake dessert~ Mine wasn’t quite as festive, but so good.

Mom rallied to sit up for a while with my sister’s family, my husband came up from Oregon, and my niece and I identified ducks on the lake. It was a practically perfect interlude in an otherwise normal sort of day. What an absolute blessing the flavors of people, food, and experiences are!

Thank you

This is JOY. Those itty bitty boys in stripes becoming men. Carrying them, birthing them, helping to raise them into very useful citizens. They contribute to their communities, their friends, and our family. At the moment, there is a fracture. I only pray the boys mend it before it grows worse. I can absolutely understand how families split apart during the Civil War. Over politics. Yet, I love them. Always and forever, my babies they’ll be. They are different and similar. They humble me, annoy me, make me laugh, and make me very proud to be their mom.  Thank you, Tony and Jonathan.


IMG_6159 Seasons wax and wane in the never interrupted march of time. I look at the trees warming in the sun and am in awe. From stark nude branches burst tiny catkin blooms. Eventually, those go to seed and we have leaves. In Alaska, when it starts, it moves fast. Everything is in a rush to jump into the season of spring, ending with a mixture of spring/summer which culminates in tourists.

Four years ago I came to Alaska in May. I am so grateful I did. The march of time has not shown mum in such a pleasant light. It would be worse if I had not been here to witness those changes and suddenly found them today. I am thankful. Incredibly thankful things have worked out the way they have. What a blessing there is in time. Try not to squander it. If you get a feeling you need to call someone, DO IT! There is always time, until there isn’t.

Green Up

IMG_6176 It appears there are many definitions for this phrase. I’m going to go with the one used by our beloved Jackie (meteorologist for KTUU News in AK). As I understood her to say, this is when you look around and see something might be happening to the trees and foliage, but it isn’t a perceptible change. Suddenly, it seems, overnight, it does! In the last week we’ve had a hint of green. Today, it is completely apparent it is here! I only wish we had daffodils to trumpet the news. Alas, those are not as common  around here. Mum has some just barely peeking out of the ground in the yard, not expecting to see flowers for a while yet.

THIS is a wonderful blessing. As much as I love ice and snow and winter, spring is a joy all in itself. Although, to be quite honest, we need rain.


IMG_6145Hands are so important. It is only when you can’t use them, you realise how really special they are. Yesterday, I was outside doing a spot of yard work. Not much, it is still really cold. I had all the things one normally uses to dig in the dirt. A spade, a trowel, clippers, and gloves. I started out in the gloves, but eventually stripped them away to use my bare hands (which was when I found out how really chilly some parts of the ground still are!). Stirring the earth, grasping handfuls of dead leaves from the beds, and being stabbed unawares by rose stems buried in the mast. Yes, I was very thankful for the use of my hands.

Mum has trouble with her hands. She is supposed to have carpal tunnel surgery sometime on one of them. They hurt her a great deal. She takes nausea and pain pills often for the different things wrong with her and it makes me so sad. She has come such a very long way from last November when she was in Anchorage in IMCU. Chronic invalidism is not her thing! Steve is having surgery this week, also. He uses his hands to work on cars and needs the same kind of surgery done. His hands are his livelihood.

I type on this blog and am thankful I can. I can use my fingers to peck out words, sentences, and thoughts. What a gift we have in our hands! I reach mine out to you in thanks for you reading, following, and your friendship. What blessings are all around us!

(even when the different aspects of the blogging site won’t work properly!)

MORE debts canceled


I get people like credit cards, but I do not. I was able to cancel something on one of mum’s today she didn’t use, which almost made me cry. I didn’t need to send them the Power of Attorney papers or anything, they just realised mum hadn’t used it since it was started and canceled it for me.

Then, I had to look at one I own. I was given it by a friend. A greendot pre paid Visa debit card. I got it in January. I activated it for my own use in February. I was able to cancel it today. I was so thankful! Because it is a credit card, it has fees. Every month almost 8$ was taken from it for, because it existed. I didn’t realise how it worked and after paying off mum’s and finding new payments due to fees, I grew disturbed. I tried to use the card awhile back and it was declined, which made me think it was empty. So, I didn’t use it again. Well, it was and it was getting more empty! I wasn’t aware you could take something from nothing to make more nothing!  Thankfully, it was just a tiny hole and the dear lady who canceled my card, canceled the debt as well. I think it was my query for an address to send a check to which made her erase it! The whole process seems to be online, but I didn’t register the card and didn’t receive the ‘real’ card they were to have sent to me. It was all a bit of a snafu. But, I am glad I don’t have to figure out how to send them a little less than 4$. 

Such a blessing to get rid of debts.