Always Teaching

The other day, I was shopping and met a teacher from 7th grade. Mrs. Mika wasn’t a favorite back then, she taught math! She sure is now! Every time I see her, she always has her arms open to love me. Her husband died of cancer before mom and left her with a worse mess than I have. He held everything close in his hands and even with death looking him in the eye, he still didn’t let go. But, while we were talking, Mrs. Mika told me something profound she had learned because she thought it would fit mom. I think she was right.

. ‘There are good people who are always busy and doing. Yet sometimes those people don’t know how to get things done. They mean well and want to, but they never do, because they’ll get to it later. And we have to pick up their slack and forgive them.’ Bless you Mrs. Mika for giving me this caring gem on how to pick up and forgive.

Nancy, two years before her diagnosis with the pancreatic carcinoma-somewhere around the time of her breast cancers.

Days of Blessings

I’m back in Alaska again. I’m not sure what’s next, other than sorting and trashing junk, but I’m here. Most of my photos are not on my iPad and the internet is better at the library, so this is where I’ll start!

The view from the dining room about 830 pm. It was actually lighter, but it didn’t photograph properly! Since my return on Monday, I’ve been surrounded by blessings. The sights of moose on the roadside munching on grasses, the vibrant white of common golden eye on the lake, the sound of a snipe soaring above, the scent of the sea on the inlet are all a part of home. I’m definitely thankful to be here for as long as I can!

It’s Blooming!

When I first noticed this relatively rare flower still alive in the garden, I wasn’t sure I’d see it bloom before I left for the north again. Yet, it is! The fern peony, or Mother’s Day flower, is right on time. Mother’s Day, in the United States, is on Sunday. I leave for Alaska Sunday night. The flower has two complete blossoms and one still in bud. When they are finished, the potted petunias on the old chair will cascade down and envelop the foliage. Growing things bring great joy. I’m incredibly thankful for this special plant that reminds me of the passage of time and Aunt Kathy.


Today is Monday and I’m thankful for living. True, most days I get so tired , I constantly ache, and am frustrated by so much I want to cry. But, I go on. It’s what I was raised to do. I’m looking at the next few weeks and am a bit nervous at what I see. I will be heading back to Alaska on Mother’s Day and will land in Kenai on Monday morning. Yet, I’m glad, too. I’ll be home.

This morning a college friend finally went home. She’s been so sick and her last weeks have been fraught with pain and medication. Kami is at peace now and, if she’s not planning parties, she’s going to once she gets organized! There was a glow about this red headed younger friend. She enjoyed laughing and when I look at my windowsill this day, I’m reminded of her.

I believe Kami would have enjoyed the crazy red tulip in the corner, the funky seed pods the purple pasquelle blooms create, and the intricate fluffy pink tulip petals. The rainbow crystal and mirrors reflect and bring color and light into shadowed places, like my friend. This lovely woman’s spring has begun again and I’m incredibly glad. Yes, I will miss her. I wasn’t close to Kamilot, but her golden red flower of joy has bloomed in my garden. For that, I will always be thankful.


boy child countryside cute
Photo by Kat Jayne on

I once wrote a post about how laughing and smiling ties our world together. I can’t find it to link, but I know I wrote it! It was an experience during a trip to Korea. I was on a bus and we were driving past the US military base. A kid was outside doing stunts on a skateboard and wrecked. At the same moment, a Korean gal in the back of the bus and I both burst into laughter. In that moment, we shared something beyond our languages and a part of humanity.

I follow and am followed by many bloggers around the world. Often they educate, some make me laugh. This also happens on FB, the laughing part. Recently, I’ve heard from a teaching friend in CA that the ‘new’ math book asked the students to share what would be the appropriate unit to use when measuring a phone book. Another post was for ‘selfie shoes’. It was after this I decided I needed to wipe too many tears of laughter away and leave FB for a time. Yes, it is good to laugh, as many have said, it really is the best medicine.


I’m sure my followers know by now that I love flowers. Being around pretties in Eastern Oregon means I can bring them inside and revel in their beauty When I can’t get outside. The only trouble I have is with immediate wilting. I learned on a different blog..not sure how to link using an iPad…At any rate, I added a bit of cider vinegar to the cold water. It’s not always cold, though. The window can get terribly hot when the sun is out. 😕

I can never remember what these plants are. Except, they came from Minnesota. Actually, these ones came from Minnesota to Tillamook in mum’s luggage and then I brought them here. They are everywhere now. 🙄 Mom put them in her Alaska yard, too. I had no idea they would bloom til one summer here in the east, I think the blooms are white. They also drink a lot of water when growing in the yard.

So, I’ll use them as filler and see how long they stay perky. They really do add to the pretty! They are in a flower holder that is called a frog. It has a liner with holes to hold the flowers in place. 🙂🙂 🐸 🙂🙂


Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday

This is probably my very favorite day in the year. Ok, between Palm Sunday and Easter is. So much was going on in the life of Jesus. One day He’s hailed as king and less than a week later, He is cruelly killed. He truly has written the most incredible story for mankind.

I’m hoping for a ride in my dad’s Mercury Custom today, I’m cooking, and was given a star of several lunches! The star looked better before I read each encouraging thought on the packaging. My favorite one is “Do something today your future self will thank you for.”  As I will,  may  you do also. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂