Looking up and Digging in

Once you zoom in, crop out the city and the bits of humanity, the sunsets make a good visual when they happen!! It isn’t easy to see sunsets from this house in the middle of town, but if I stand on the back steps or on top of the bathtub planter in the back yard, it works!

While my friends up north are putting away plants and their gardens before it snows this week, I’m digging up iris that should have been taken care of years ago. It is a daunting task that I need rain for. The grass is so thick it has stuck the rhizomes tight!! I disturbed several ladybirds, but couldn’t get photos of the cute beetles, and found violets blooming! A wonderful surprise!!

The kid also relocated a rather fat mantis to the gardens. A much better place to lay eggs than the side of a house!


Looking for blessings in the change I’ve had to accept.

I am glad to be in the OR kitchen. I may not have had much to do with how it was created, but I do like it. I’m glad to have mom’s house pending, the last power bill was $309 over last months $150. It will be so nice to spend that money on my spendy meds instead of electricity for a place I’m not at. I am blessed to have fall all over again, too. It is a definite change in place and people. I’ll keep looking for the blessings and will try to share them here as I find them.

A house shaped time capsule

It appears I’ve been an author of this blog for five years. Five years ago today, this house was about a month from being flooded by sewage. I started this blog for a different reason, not that I can recall it at this time!!

A lot has happened since June 2015. I’m able to sort through the debris and am getting ready to haul more to a thrift store. Some of it has not been touched since that July of the flood, when it was wrapped by the crew who helped clean. As I dust, tidy, find, and am frustrated by the amount of stuff in this time capsule house, I am compelled to think about mom. At one time, each thing in this house brought her some kind of enjoyment. I know I’m tossing things that meant something to her, but they have served a purpose. Many items will move with me and be sorted without haste. Others will bring joy to someone else. There is a lot less than there was last year at this time and for that I’m grateful beyond words. This daunting task has to be completed this year and, partly due to Covid, the time is slipping away.

Oddly, I only have photos of stuff and none of the emptier rooms. I’ll share those later!

Golden Eye

I don’t know many ducks personally. The lake here gets a few different kinds, but I have to admit, few have families. I believe my very favorite ducklings are Golden Eye. The mom’s aren’t all that maternal and you only see the males in fight or flight, but the babies are so adorable!! Rarely do any of the ones on this lake grow up and fly off, but while they are here, I love them. I was surprised to see only 3 this early in the season, but at least there are 3!! The tiny puffs of waterfowl run on the water, dive for ages, and wander all over the skin of the lake. When the sleep float, they drift and bob, ending up yards away from mom. It was last summer, when I was here, that I first noticed the mom hiding them under her wings while they were on shore. I was glad to see that. Although, I did laugh when one late baby insisted on joining the others and mom was oblivious to having lost one! She was also a bit miffed at having to rearrange things once more.

These are one of the many blessings I’ll remember in my chain of beautiful memories I hold dear to my heart.

Sit, eat, enjoy!

I learned something odd the Sunday just passed, Father’s Day. We had celebrated a week ago, but I had made dinner as usual. I fight for a sit down dinner once a day with whichever people might be at the house. I am not sure why, perhaps it is because if I spend time cooking, I want to see how it is appreciated. Anyway, we had a guest. The meal was late because Steve was picking up the guest, I’d kept it warm and it wasn’t at its best. Yet, this guest was amazed at the fancy meal. It was a simple one of meat, taters, and cheesey biscuits. I’m sure it had something else, but he raved over and over at how great it was to eat together a home made meal.

It is something we do. I think we take it for granted and I’m grateful for being reminded of how special it is. Marion Cunningham wrote this in a Fannie Farmer cookbook, “Every meal should be a small celebration.” I think she’s onto something. No matter if it is one person or more than one, sit, eat, and enjoy. If you have more than one, celebrate each other and your meal. And don’t forget how much fun can be had in the last parts of after dinner clean up!!

Movin’ Right Along

I leave for Alaska on Sunday. I’ve been muddling through projects and trials and am constantly balked by little things. However, I finally have a diagnosis of why I’ve been so tired and more. It appears I have a blood version of Strep B. Meanwhile, now we look for something I’m not allergic to. However, as the absolutely fun song goes, things are moving along and I’m incredibly thankful. With covid out there, doctors are looking around and suggesting the rampant virus is the reason for most illnesses and stresses. I’m so thankful this doctor I’m seeing went further. Although, the strep swabbing I got on Monday was horrible and the first one negative, it gave her more information today. These are amazing people on the front lines and when you find one who goes beyond what is in front of them, what a joy!!!


Orange blessings are all over the place! I love poppies, I do have a new one I’ve planted, but it should be pinkish and is too small for flowers right now. However, the more common orange poppies look splendid! The tiny dancing California poppies are my favorites with the ferny leaves and branching stems. They have pretty much taken over one of the front beds. I did encourage it by tossing the seed heads wherever I can! The larger poppies are more fun to watch being born. (I didn’t come up with that, another blogger friend did!) They swell under the fuzzy caps made up of three pieces and eventually, the caps fall off to reveal a crinkled bunch of petals. Those eventually open to the sunshine and stare with a huge solitary dark eye with long lashes. Yup. Beautiful blessings a blooming all around!

Watching the Sunset

I’m a sucker for sunsets. I much prefer not having to edit out the boring man made things like windmills or buildings, yet this one was a surprise. If you look closely in the darkest spots, you can see a bird on top of the pole. I’m sure it wasn’t actually watching the sunset with me, but I can imagine it was!! Or maybe it was keeping a weather eye on the storm on the other side of town. At any rate, I was definitely blessed to witness another lovely sunset. No matter what is happening around me, the sun will always rise and set when it is supposed to. And, well, I happen to agree with Nick Fury, “Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.”

May Day

When I was little, I’d leave crafted flowers or real ones at people’s doors, knock, and dash off. As I got older, I’d leave cookies or flowers from the garden or store with friends. This year, I am only able to share flowers online. They don’t have much scent, but they last longer!!!

These fun ones I was told are a narcissus called Pheasant’s Eye. The single fragrant flowers are on very tall stems. The flowers seem to last quite a while. I’m not sure I see how they relate to pheasants, but there is no accounting for the varied imaginations used in naming something!! The birds have eyes that are golden and black and most pheasants don’t have much white on their heads.

The lilacs are finally starting to bud. So, even with the loss of the bulbed flowers, the yard will still be fragrant and busy with bees. May Day is a beautiful time to remember hope, changing seasons, and beauty.

Tulips are about done

The tulips didn’t do as well as last year. A friend in the mid-west says hers were doing the same thing, lots of leaves and not many flowers. She then suggested it was a cycle thing. Oddly, my red tulips (above) have spread in the container! I love these flowers, they are so odd with fun fringey triangle petals outside rounded ones. The pink one is a surprise. When I planted my lasagna gardens last year, I filled them with bulbs, but forgot to mark what they were! This has lots of ragged petals and I only got one or two.

I put many bulbs in the back and in the beds and containers to pick and give away. I love giving away flowers and although May Day is around the corner, the spring flowers are pretty much done. I’ll have to find a different flower for this Friday!!

Having an abundance means having some to share. For me, sharing a flower is like bringing sunshine inside. Lots of my plants are from others or reminds me of someone I love. They are a blessing.

May you find sunshine of whatever kind you feel is best in this week.