Mum went to the dentist today. She’s been wanting to go and I finally made her an appointment. Dr. J Julien and his staff are amazing wonderful completely incredible blessings. He hasn’t seen mum in quite a while. She looks quite a bit different than she did last spring. He looked her over, told her the risks, and told her what needed done. He said it may need to be done in ANC or it could be done a few teeth at a time to help keep her well between times. He also told her he wanted to communicate with her oncologist before contacting a surgeon to remove the 12 remaining teeth. He did all of this without making her angry. He also explained the same things to me. I was totally humbled by the care and compassion these lovely people shared for mum.

May this dentist and his team continue to bring smiles to the Kenai. And if I could go to a dental clinic, I’d choose them!!!

Scented Blessings


This is a hard blessing to put into words on a blog. I am pretty sure WP hasn’t quite reached the ability to add a scratch and sniff app, but I’ll do my best with letters.

I was pulling up babies yesterday. Assorted grasses, little trees, and wild rose bushes who were determined to grow in places they didn’t belong. As a gardener, I’m pretty liberal in letting things take root in unexpected spots. Unfortunately, wild roses are not only tenacious, they HURT! So, out of the paths my feet trod they go! Young trees are a different matter. If I can pull and transplant them, I do. Otherwise, they get removed. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as it looks. Suckers always seem to be attached with something stronger than the Jedi Force. Often, I need to pull these critters with pliers to fully extract them from their hold on life.

Disturbing the ground around these powerful roots releases a scent of earth. Dirt and growing things. Little mosses, bitty flower stems, and grasses holding firm to soil and letting go in a bursting odor of growth. Grasping the whippy deciduous stems and pulling, also releases a tang. A crisp scent of green which sticks to my fingers with the running sap. A woodsy fragrance I enjoy on my skin and regret washing away. It is an exhilarating bright joyful essence of growing times.

In this day and age, it is probably an essential oil of some sort. I prefer to glean this blessing straight from the source, warmed by sunshine, and accompanied by hard work.


IMG_6568 Squirrels are hilarious to watch. Yes, they are nasty and dirty AND rodents. However, they make up for those short comings in their absurdity.  I remember my father in law laughing over a squirrel pair tearing apart a yarn trellis I’d made in the garden. I was annoyed, but realised a few yards of yarn and several hours of work is nothing compared to a great laugh!

Yesterday, I watched this squirrel in mum’s yard. It got into every bird feeder in the area. Most of which we had assumed were squirrel proof. The shepherd’s hooks the feeders are on do not stop a determined squirrel! Especially, if the hook has a decorative bit on the stem. The twist appeared to be perfectly positioned to hang on to while pulling the dangling feeder close! When the greedy creature tried to climb under the feeder and fell to the ground, I laughed out loud! I think I embarrassed him. He ran off into a tree and didn’t come back for a bit.

What a blessing laughter is! What a blessing squirrels are. At least, when they aren’t getting into your house and making nests in the attic.

It is all around

IMG_6550 Life. You can’t escape it. Even with death, life goes on. I have been thinking about this again. How you can’t really predict what will happen next and how you need to keep paddling.

This little family showed up for the first time this evening. They are a mom with young goldeneyes. I learned why I couldn’t find any nests, these gals put their eggs high up in dead trees, like a wood duck. When the babies hatch, the mom encourages them to tumble from the about 40 foot high nest and join her on the ground. They do and off they go! New life breaks forth in dead trees. It doesn’t matter if it is raining (like in this photo) or shining, they are born and ready to launch. Literally! Their number is strong tonight, but I would almost bet by the end of the week it will be halved or less. Many of the mamas have lost their young to the predators. That somewhat disturbing circle of life. It is a relentless cycle we cannot stop. We can control it with helping the environment of ourselves or the world, but it will not stop. Everything is born, it may have the chance to grow old, and then there is death. Where is the blessing? The blessing I found is that ‘Life will always go on‘.

Thank, God!

A thankful heart


Blessings come in many forms. This last week, I was overwhelmed with an outpouring of gifts for my mum. It all started with someone saying I should set up a gofundme account for a germinating project. Well, I did and the generosity went beyond my goal. I had no idea anything would come of this, I wasn’t expecting more than maybe $100, and I certainly wasn’t expecting online friends I’ve never met in person to donate and share my campaign!

I have never liked having to ask anyone for money, it is not in my genetics.  I recall an experience I had when the boys were in HS. I was in the Anchorage airport and found out the planes were being grounded in Seattle, but they might be flying by the time we got there. I was confident we’d get to Portland, OR. Dad asked if I needed money. I declined and have kicked myself ever since. Being stranded in SeaTac with a million others for 3 days is a life changing experience! So, now, I am a tiny bit better about taking it when offered, but I still don’t like to ask.

Because of my inhibitions, this gofundme campaign was really hard to do. I haven’t told mum, she’d be so upset with me! But, I am so thankful I went through with it. People love her and really do want to do something for her. This was a lovely way for them to show their support for a woman they admire. It was also humbling for me to see how much people want to give me a hand. Even people who already have in one way or another. I’m truly a blessed person and incredibly thankful.



Eagles are fascinating birds. They are also scavengers and predators. It always fascinates me when I find how many verses in the Bible are dedicated to eagles, how many people absolutely revere them, and how often they are touted as nothing more than beautiful. This is a blurry photo, but I chose it to show off the feathers and talons and the beak. This bird is NOT just beautiful, it was created to kill.

It has taken out a number of ducklings on the lake, playing a deadly role in the circle of life. As I watched it soar over the lake, dip down to grab diving babies, and rise back up to land in the trees, I realised something. Those wings are the important part. Rise up on wings as eagles (personally, the terns who came to harass it were even more astounding, but I digress!), soaring with feathers crafted to lift and carry heavy burdens of self and prey. They are incredible birds and I’m sad and glad this one hung out on the lake for so many hours. It reminded me to soar and that unexpected death is a part of life.

IMG_4780 - Copy
May 2014, outside of Ninilchik. 

Lethal and lovely

IMG_6410 Had a pair of these on the lake today and decided to do some research. I knew they were predators, I didn’t know how incredible they were. Their lethal beauty hides a fierce protectiveness and powerful ability to survive. When they kill other avian species, they often spear into the oppositions liver or heart with their formidable beaks. They defend their babies, their nesting spots, and have been known to chase off large fish. The loon isn’t agile on land, but in water, they are poetry. I was able to get really close to them in the kayak today. (it looks further in camera view, but I think I was about 2 kayak lengths away!) What a blessing I was given when I went out on the lake-I thought we had one loon visiting and there were two!!!!