Doe a deer

I’m not entirely sure if this was the doe that walked toward Jonathan while he was up at the Ranch this weekend. She’s showing the definite scraggly fur from winter, but her ears are beautiful! They have lovely markings on them. I’m reminded of so many verses in Scripture about deer. Like this one from Psalm 18:

It is God who arms me with strength
    and keeps my way secure.
 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
    he causes me to stand on the heights.

I’m not fond of high places, I am thankful for strength in these crazy times.

Middle of the Week

It is Wednesday. The world is going crazy collecting toilet paper and cleaning supplies, the stock market in the US is dropping, my guys are concerned about running out of ketchup and ranch dressing!!! Jonathan went up in the mountains this last weekend and found some Canadian geese and a lovely sunset. Beautiful reminders that no matter how uncertain our world is, the sun will always set and birds will migrate, in spite of travel bans.


Photo by Nathan Cowley on

The windows in this house are not user friendly for a short person. I had help reaching some of the curtains for washing this last weekend, but the windows remained elusive. I learned a few things about life while cleaning. First, when one is not very tall, reaching as high as you can to clean a window isn’t effective. It is obvious where the reach ended!!! Second, cleaning one side of a window is a dubious action. Smuts can’t be scrubbed inside that are actually on the outside and smears are annoying to remove! And I also discovered, elbow grease is best used to remove spots when your feet are firmly planted on something sturdy.

The lessons I learned were varied. First, half done isn’t that big of a deal Second, don’t focus on what was missed, focus on what you did. Third, it is ok to ask for a bit of help. And last, a spotted window still lets sunshine through. I’m thankful for these windows, smuts and all!


I have always appreciated doctors. They encourage, help, and teach. My absolute favorite doctor wasn’t known by his real name, he never gave inoculations, and he didn’t wear a white coat. He was born as Theodore Geisel and grew famous as Dr. Seuss. I write about him often. He was one of my heroes because he taught me to observer more than what was in front of me and because of one of his books, I learned to read. ‘And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street’ was full of fun pictures and I didn’t want to keep waiting for someone to read to me, so I did it myself! I bless that fortuitous encounter with the doctor every day. I can’t imagine not having the love affair with words that I have, they take me places I’ve never been or ever will go.

Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for your legacy.

Trip the Light Fantastic

Rainbows are, in a limited scientific nutshell, a refraction of light. I’m not one to look at these lovely things politically, I don’t consider them as only a ‘God’ thing, and I refuse to wait for them to appear in water drops. I hang glass and crystals in my windows to encourage a dance of colors wherever they will. My own personal waltz is limited because of health, yet my soul enjoys the brilliance of beauty as fantastic lights move across the floor and my toes. I do love that rainbow connection!

Words, characters, stories

Spent part of an afternoon listening to Tony read me part of one of his stories. He took almost 27 pages of a story set in a D&D world to create characterization, not something that happens much in the game. I was fascinated with the writing and now I’ve found a love for the characters. They have personality and are fun, no matter what their class, role, or ability. We discussed this after he was done reading this particular section of his story, realising so many authors tend to cut straight to the action instead of rounding out characters. I was proud of how my eldest has taken years of authors he’s read to compile a world of his own using his own twist on techniques and theories. I may not fully understand D&D anymore, but I understand fantasy.

He’s definitely got this one down!


I love winter. I love snow and cold and frost and ice when it isn’t on the roads. I am a February baby, a winter child, and it is my favorite season. It is a time of rest and quiet and peace with beauty in every snowy glance. Yet, this year, winter seems to be waning already. Tiny itty bitty spears are popping up through the dead grasses in the yard and in mucky beds. Granted, the daffs and tulips in the beds are often the very first ones that show up. Sometimes the buds die if it frosts before they get large enough to pick, but the ones in the grass will prevail no matter how much snow the yard gets!