In just days, the almost warm daylight hours have turned more than crisp. The first photo was on October 14, the second October 19. Tonight, the ice has a skiff of snow on top. The beauty of the north astounds me at every turn. Slow changes occur til they are overcome by a new season. I don’t know if this snow will ‘stick’. I am not even sure if the lake will remain covered in ice. I do know I’m grateful to see an entire complete year of seasons in this tumultuous time of care giving. I honestly would never have thought I’d be in my favorite place this long. It IS a blessing, a hard one, but a blessing none the less!

A Golden Road

IMG_6952 (2)

One of the prettiest things you find in the woods when the leaves fall, are roads covered in gold. It just makes you want to strike out and see where they wander! It isn’t exactly the yellow brick road to Oz, but it will do! This particular lane  is often used by ATVs-I was told it was not ‘safe’. I don’t go down it very far, but oh…it does make one want to! The crinkle of the leaves underfoot combined with the lovely scent of fall, is invigorating. When the paths are most golden are the days when the sky is bright blue and the sun is highlighting the spaces between the trees. Autumn in Alaska is truly a glorious time of the year.

15 Minutes

20171006_154801 - Copy

It didn’t save me anything with insurance, but it did give me a bit of peace. And actually, it was more than 15 minutes. Those minutes were the only ones I allowed myself for reading time. I think I was on the lake for almost 40 minutes.

In spite of the October breeze seeming almost warm, I was in sweatshirt and jeans. The sunshine sparkled and the sounds I heard were the last of the leaves on the birches and the soughing of the branches of fir. I paddled around hither and yon, appreciating being on the lake. With all the rain lately, the lake is rising (praise God!), the moments of sunshine are embraced, and the water out there is cold!!! I was sad to not see many ducks, but glad they are ready to fly.

It was this time I left last year and there was already ice on the edges of the lake here and there. This year, we have sunshine, rain, and it is a typical normal October fall. I keep expecting snow! I’ll keep the kayak out as long as I can. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Spilling over

full bucket

Some days it seems as if you get so many joys, they spill out onto the floor. Shiny moments, laughing bits, and happy seconds leaping into your bucket til it is overflowing. You gotta just go with it and embrace them when they appear!

I had one of those days. It was not anything like I had planned, but it turned out better than I imagined. Lunch with a good friend, a package in the mail for ME, books, doing a good deed not associated with mum, understanding persons in retail, ice cream, and pizza. I’m sure there were more, but I’m entirely and completely grateful for each one!!

Dripping with Gems

IMG_6947In the story of ‘The 12 Dancing Princesses“, the land the girls descend to every night is full of  unnatural magical things. One of the many items found there are trees with leaves of gems. When I see leaves in our world covered with raindrops, I often imagine this is what the false land tried to emulate. Marilyn Monroe sang about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. I have to disagree, I’ve never really liked diamonds. I’ve been given a few small ones that sparkle and glint. Those are lovely and will last forever. My tastes tend to run to the simple, I rather adore rhinestones and crystals. But, show me a scene like the one above and I’ll bask in complete happiness. Glistening, shimmering drops sprinkled everywhere. Dangling, reflecting, sparkling beauty created to take your breath away! What a wonderful world we live in!!

A bit of help-


Isn’t this photo great?????? I love it very much. The chiminea is gone from the yard, as is the glider. I needed a bit of help putting the things away and sent out a text. The neighbors across the lake loaned me their youngest, who in the course of a couple of years has grown into a giant teen! He tried to move the glider all alone, but it did prove a bit much for him. He was sort of sad I didn’t have anything else to put away. I almost asked him to mow for me this afternoon!

It is always nice to be able to ask someone for help and get it. Next up is the garage. I want to put mum’s car in it next winter and another friend offered the help of her spouse. She’ll distract mum inside and we’ll arrange things outside. I’d borrow the neighbor again, but I want someone who knows how to organise debris. Teen boys aren’t always adept in that department.

Alaska’s Gold


I was thinking about how fall in the PNW is vibrant with color. It is as if the trees and foliage explode in an ecstasy of autumn hues. I miss that  up here in The Great Land. Fall is often a couple of weeks long and wet. This year, it has been wet, but the dry days have revealed some incredibly lovely sights. There was a rainbow as I crested the hill after mum’s radiation appointment, the silhouettes of the mountains as the sun set at 830pm,  and the creaking black raven wings as he flew over my head.

I was sort of sad, missing the PNW fall, when I realised something. Alaskan falls are pure gold. Dragon hoards of gold piled up as tall as trees, coins of gold falling over the cars and paving the paths underfoot, and chips of gold floating on the water. I hummed the Alaska flag song and it works for the short season between summer and winter, too. Blue of the evening sky (the photo above has a washed out sky–camera thing!) and the gold in the streams. Yup, Alaskan gold is more than nuggets found in a pan.