Heels of fresh bread are always the best part. This is one of the slices a friend brought over. It was still warm! I am sure it might have contributed to my high glucose, but it was incredibly yummy. I do appreciate friends who bake and share. A double sort of blessing and one I will never turn down. 



Kermit the Frog sings about one of my favorite colors, green, but oh….PURPLE! I adore shades of purples, I love amethysts, I need these different tones of violet, and I will not ever again own a pair of hip hugger purple bell bottoms. (Some things are not necessary in this day and age!) When I came home  last November, I had no idea I’d be in AK thru February. I’d have brought a lot more purple with me. I’m lucky I have a few of my favorite earrings. Not all of them, but some. I usually try to wear something purple every day in February.  I’m not wearing quite as much of the color this year (other than my few earrings), but I am in a purple mindset. 

In Oregon, my crocuses are stirring under the ground, thinking about opening their stunning petals to the warmth of the sun. I hope to be back to enjoy watching the bumble bees visit the royal chambers, then clumsily fly away covered in pollen. Purple is a blessing which feeds the soul. Amethysts are a healing stone and it is thought that if you surround yourself with the color purple, you will have peace of mind. Maybe I do need those bell bottoms and the sweet variegated purple poncho mom knitted me when I was 8~

Cherished moments


MORE snow, walking in snow, friends who stop to say hi, friends who give of their time to help, healing, sleep, chocolate mint, washing dishes, putting away clean clothes, blogging wisdom, and yummy Alaskan fish. Blessings surround me, even when I forget to pay attention. 

When we constantly put others first, we instruct the Universe that it’s okay for us to be second best, and for our own needs to go unaddressed. I was able to pay more attention to me this weekend. These are moments to cherish. 

More Expected!

More snow, not snow people. The sun came out today and made a lovely background for all the pristine white covering the Kenai. I was out shoveling (again!), listening to the Quork of the ravens in the trees, and the laughter of kids on the nearby playground. It was so cheerful, I decided to put faces on my snow guardians. Flower eyes were perfect. They shout happy! Granted, the one next to the house was in the sun longer, so I had to put his/her eyes back a couple of times, but it doesn’t matter. If they make ONE person smile, they were worth it to build at 23o in the morning.

The school next door couldn’t use their gym, so they  made snow persons this afternoon. The snow was mostly ok to shape and the kids had spray bottles of water. Some of the water was colored. I think there may be a dead body snow person across the way as it is red and is flat on the ground and has long rods of some sort poking up out of it. I hope to wander over tomorrow to see what the different ones are. The flags on the patriotic snowperson were taken back inside the school. A necessary precaution in this rougher part of Kenai. I also think I saw someone hiding behind the snowmen around 6 this evening.and now a couple of heads are gone.

However, the area is expecting MORE snow, so maybe they can be fixed. Or at least covered by a new layer of white that will eventually melt into a rainbow hued puddle in May. Although, it might just make a muddy brown and be a mess! Breakup is wonderful, but not near as awesome as snow. There is ice out there, so it will make things treacherous. I had to laugh at a gal today. She was upset there was going to be more snow because she didn’t like it. I asked what she was doing in Alaska if she disliked it so much. She told me God wanted her here. I told her, well, you better learn to like snow then! So glad this winter is a normal sort of winter. Oh, Happy Day!!!!!! 

My Favorite things

My favorite month of the year is February. One of my two favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love daffodils and tulips and mmmm, carnations! My favorite color is purple (and red and green, but I digress). But, all in all, I have to agree with Maria Von Trapp. ‘Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things!’  I love snow, I get giddy when it snows, I am excited to see snowflakes in most any form. Today, my Valentine’s Day was sort of nose crinkling. I was seriously thinking it was going to be blessing free. In my heart of hearts, I didn’t even care.

Then, I noticed it was snowing. I washed dishes in front of a window where a lacy curtain   was falling to the ground. After the dishes were done, I couldn’t stand it anymore! I had to go outside. I didn’t care if it was 2am! So, I did. I went outside and made snowballs and rolled them on the sidewalk to sort of clear it a bit (Alaska snow is notorious for BAD snowmen snow) and then stacked them onto the remnants of the snow guardians I had made earlier. (They had melted today in the warm weather and rain the Kenai area ended up with for Valentine’s Day. ) I was grinning the whole time I wielded my shovel and patted my gloves on stacked piles of snow. I gave them arms, but they remain faceless. If it keeps snowing, I’ll add features, but it might warm so they melt away before breakfast. Not likely, but it was in the forecast!

I LOVE SNOW. So thankful for this white blessing which brought a million trillion more with it. Happy sigh. 

Can you hear me?


Since my sojourn in Alaska this last almost-a-year, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on my Oregon trac phone. It finally came down to needing to get a phone where Alaskan peoples could contact me without me worrying about the minutes I was using. I have enjoyed being able to talk to doctors, mom’s friends, and relations while not cringing at the loss of minutes. Texting is also 100% easier. However, the absolute oddest thing has happened with it.

I totally understand getting pocket calls or calls from a wrong number. However, I have only once gotten a call from someone who left a message for someone else. This is very strange as my voicemail message is not entirely ordinary and completely shouts ‘KRIS’. So when I went thru my messages last night and found a call from a girl with tears in her voice looking for a sister, I called the number back. This time, the male at the end of the message answered the phone (very much sounded like the same person at the end of the message) and asked a female person (her voice sounded familiar, too) if she had called a Kris. Needless to say, I sent up a prayer for the girl and saved the message. Tonight, my phone rang. It was the SAME girl at almost the same time as the message last night. I introduced myself and she said it was the wrong number and she was looking for her sister. I told her I was a sister and asked if I could help. She told me her name,  she let me pray for her, and I told her I was in Kenai and would be available if she needed someone. I saved her name and number in my phone, thankful for having this ‘new’ way to let me hear people. I hope this girl doesn’t forget me and I hope I can help her or have helped her in some way. I am absolutely blessed by the different people who convinced me to finally get an Alaskan cell phone. For if I didn’t have it, I’d not know of this troubled girl and I’d not be able to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. 



I had 3 hours of time all to myself tonight. Well, I wasn’t alone, but it was spent doing something completely without or for mom. I got to go to dinner with a friend. It was more than a blessing. It was freedom and I am absolutely thankful for my evening out. I am thankful for the lady who came and stayed with mom for me, for my friend who helped make this possible, and for the delicious meal and  fun dessert we were given. A dessert made by an incredibly talented 10 year old! 

The dessert is shown above and the directions are below in a video clip. It was a lesson is magic, a lesson in fun, and a lesson in life. The hard sphere was secure until it was touched by warm caramel. The stream was poured out upon the cold chocolate, melting it until it collapsed. Once it caved in, a treasure of treats was revealed. Four of us shared this dessert.

I’ve been that hard shell. Closing myself off  in a world almost alone. Friend after friend has poured out their gracious care upon me and it seemed like it was just running off into the plate. Yet, finally, the shell of me fell inward. I was able to honestly share goodness with those around me this evening and I am grateful. I don’t know how often that shell will be built back, but I am sure it will be weaker. Knowing so many caring souls are out there supporting me, helping me, being there for me, is humbling and makes me stronger. Thank you to my friends in WP and in Real Life and all across the net. You have no idea how important you have been and are. 

Chocolate Balls video clip. (no, I don’t remember how to add the video to the blog without paying more!)