rainduck I reluctantly got up out of my nice warm bed to check on mum at 4 am. I usually let her dog out while she is in the bathroom. This morning was pretty similar to the others. But, then, I opened the door and was greeted by the best scent and sound in the world. RAIN! All the way to the hospital tonight, I mentioned to mum how much we needed rain. Oregon has gotten rain, our area of Alaska  has not much at all in the way of precipitation. The snow  has been steadily melting, leaving dry behind. It is a crazy breakup. Hoping this blessing of rain tonight extends into more than something to settle the dust. Wondering if it is possible to sleep with this huge smile on my face! 



I write about the blessing of water often. Until you don’t have it, you don’t realize how amazing it is. I find it interesting people like living ‘off the grid ‘ without running water. I have lived without it many times in my life, I appreciate it thoroughly.  

Mum’s house has had a variety of problems with water. She also has a super high power bill ( the house is all electric). I think this was partially fixed this week. Every year I’ve been home, there is a basement shaking noise at all hours of the day. Mum said it was the well and I just went with it. No one who came to fix things noticed anything, probably because there was always some other problem to fix! 
The last weeks, it grew worse. The water pressure dropped dramatically and I decided to fix it and asked for advice. When I asked a friend if I should drain the water heater, he opted to visit. He discovered a bad switch on the pressure tank and replaced it. I am often almost in tears the last 24 hours! The grinding noise has ceased, the toilets can flush properly, and we have pressure! 
I am incredibly thankful for friends, for friends with knowledge , for simple things which can make great changes, and water! 💦 

April Gold


I have shared this photo several times. I rather like it!

Up here in the north, April flowers from March showers are not quite as common. April Gold is elusive. It isn’t in daffodils or tulips or forsythia or basket of gold blooms or crocus hearts or…well, you get the idea! You need to go elsewhere to find it. I found it in this photo. It reminds me of Alaska. There is the old gold in the stream of water (the grasses) and the black, reminding me of the black gold of oil. It has a promise of light at the end of a tunnel of darkness. It has water running to remind me life is always moving, even in directions we might not want. There are ripples to show action and stillness to show peace. There is a future beyond the end. It is a promise.

Yup, I like it! 

To the Rescue!

20170417_095152 (2)

Once again, I locked the keys in mom’s care. I had brought two bags with me to the doctor’s office and was combining them into one. As soon as I shut the door to the car, I realised I had taken the keys from my pocket to put in a bag. A bag I was not holding! (I am shaking my head as I write this!) It was in the exact same place as the last time I locked the keys in the car. Different Dr, Same building. So, I knew the drill. I was given the number for the cab company and I waited. Not really very long, it just seems long when you want something to happen NOW! This super nice man (pictured above) tried to get in from the passenger door. No dice. He then squiggled several cool door opening things and a long bit of wire around so he could press the door unlock button on the driver’s side. Which, for some reason, set off the car alarm! I couldn’t open any other doors, so crawled in over the seat to get to my bag in the back and the key. Silence is definitely a golden thing.

So, this is my blessing today. A born and bred in Alaska Alaskan who broke into mum’s car with relative ease and restored the car keys with my pocket. Thank you, Alaskan Cab and your friendly helpful driver who didn’t seem to mind getting a hug from a thankful random stranger.

Easter away from Oregon

Winter still grips part of the area in a tight fist. Yet, you can see the grasp weakening here and there. I was able to walk around the lake today and stayed dry all the way around. There is still a very solid layer on top of the lake and around it. The sugar snow and rotten ice are sparse. Above, the sky is bright blue and filled with the flutter of feathers. The air echoes with bird song, woodpecker hammers, and the incessant chattering of squirrels. We have many more birds today than we did on Good Friday. Camp robbers, juncos, and American 3 toed woodpeckers. In mum’s next-to-the-house garden, the hyacinth have color and there are tulips popping from the ground! The rest of mom’s tulips are still under several inches of snow.

I miss my Oregon spring. Easter in Eastern Oregon has daffodils and tulips and color exploding from the grass in violets. Exploding is exactly what it is like. Here, in North Kenai, it is gradual. The push of spring into the place of winter is kind and stubborn. It is going to happen, it is a promise of new season. A different sort of life coming back into the frozen land. Hooray for tomorrows. Hooray for spring! 


20170411_160117 This photo is hope. There is death, decay, cold, ugly, disarray, and life pushing its way into the world. If you have followed my blessings the last months, you probably know my mum hasn’t been well. For many of those months, I was certain of her mortality. I was sure she was on the edge of her life. Today, Mum is this hyacinth bulb (that is what she says it is!!!). Yes, she is weak and fragile, but her will to survive might just break her into blooming again. Monday we see a doctor about a surgery which very well may make her feel a ton better and put her on the path her oncologist thinks she should be on.

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” 

How Great Thou Art

IMG_2907 I love sharing this photo. Jon took it this last week from the backyard. I laughed when he told how he managed to capture it. ‘You know how they say lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice? Well, it usually is near the same place and I waited for a flash and then set the camera for the next one.’ Yup, that is my kid! He could sell you a bridge in the desert, but he’s too nice. BUT, this photo reminded me of one of my VERY favorite blessing songs. How Great Thou Art. Home Free does a phenomenal rendition of this old hymn. Enjoy and be blessed.