A Pocket of Peace

Sunday’s visitors for mom were varied. These two stood out. One of her teaching friends prayed with her and told her it was ok to let go when you are in so much pain. Right after, mum’s pastor arrived and agreed to give mom communion. This is one of mom’s favorite parts of church and she’s missed it a great deal. Her pastor is fresh out of school and one third of mom’s years, but the young woman took it in stride. She rounded up a can of grape juice and some crackers. Mom isn’t eating anything, so we had to come up with something else. Her pastor dipped a smidge of cracker in the juice, prayed, and wiped it on mom’s bottom lip. She tried to feed it into mom, thankfully it fell. However, mum had the taste and that was what mattered.

A pocket of peace enveloped the three of us briefly and it was beautiful. I’m thankful today for pastors who think on their feet, stocked nurses stations, and the blessing of communion.

Letting Go

I’m hoping this post has the layout I desire, but it’s not looking quite right from this side of publication!

It’s the first of Autumn and mom has said she’s ready to let go. She’s had dozens of visitors, flowers, and a stuffed dog. I think she is hanging on, just waiting for my aunt and cousin to arrive. They are flying up from the states and should be at the hospital by early Sunday morning. Fall is a stunning season, generally short in Alaska, but not this year. It’s lasted for weeks, exhibiting colors rarely seen. I kind of like mum leaving in this blaze of color and change. It’s a time of beautiful vibrancy, her sort of thing! I know I’m ready for her to rest, I’m glad she finally is, too.

September sunrise

Winter sunrise taken by a friend.

I left later than usual and encountered magic.

While I drove, the world changed. The sun was just starting to peek through the clouds, painting the sky with splashes of pink and orange. Blazing russet fireweed stalks topped with soft white fluff became a stunning foreground for the varied heights and colors of the autumn trees and foliage. A young bull moose with bloody antlers was tearing into dew drenched greens, his brown fur blending into the dark spaces around him. Touched by the rising sun, everything was muted into a mystical mosaic. Even the man made colors and machines weren’t out of place in the emerging day. I smiled with joy, grateful I didn’t have to be awake at an early hour to experience a gorgeous moment. A moment that, a few miles later, became another beautiful September morning on the Kenai.

Stuff of life


Once again, mom ended up in the ER because of dehydration and nausea.  As mom was given an IV of fluids, her skin grew flush and she began to look better overall. It seemed almost magical! Watching this helped me to realise anew how important hydration is to our bodies. I’m incredibly grateful for those bags of clear solution mom gets every other week via her arm. What a wonderful discovery this was!

Surprise Visit


Eastern Oregon is still smoky, but things seem to be improving a bit. This is one of those surprise shots. Steve was watching quail under this old piece of farm machinery when the hawk landed. I wasn’t told if the bird of prey snagged a small snack or not, but it sure startled Steve when it swooped down from behind him!

These are the things we need to notice. The surprising moments of power hovering overhead in the smokey sky only to land next to you. They do happen when you least expect it! They can be found in a text from a friend, a recorded message, a fellow blogger’s words, or even a helping hand from a neighbor. Beautiful!

A Cheerful Look

In a week full of crazy, you gotta look for the blessings. So, this is what I found in between the absurd.

My sore tooth is finally and expensively fixed. I saw a couple of meteors. I am entirely thankful for health care personnel and first responders. The neighbor came over to mow mom’s yard. Tony suggested a new to me author by the name of Bernard Cornwell, then he talked to me for almost an hour about one of the books when I was done reading. I listened to an older sermon from the Oregon church I attend and heard the praise team sing a song I’m named after, America the Beautiful—my middle name is Amber. I got some great emails and messages from friends. Then, when I was picking up debris from the recent windstorm, I found the most adorable itty bitty teeny froglet! It didn’t want to stay put, so I’m very impressed I got pictures of it.



So many good things have crowded into my week. Granted, there were some awful ones. They made me thankful for the warm encouragement  from my friend Linda, the heat from the sun on skin, and the joy of finding little flowers finally starting to bloom out of the 14 packets of seeds I scattered! Linda was featured in a post in July of 2017. This wonderful woman is always encouraging and helpful and I always leave her presence filled with confidence and strength. We’ve had some sunny days and some not so bright. I adore sunshine in any season, I’ve particularly enjoyed it this last week because I’ve been soaking up Vitamin D. I take huge doses of this in pill form, it is nice to get it straight from the source! The flowers I’d planted twice, I was beginning to think were just wasted seeds. However, here and there I’ve found two inch tall stems I know might become plants, there were some bright yellow and blue blossoms, and some of the fireweed seed I scattered last fall appears to be considering blooming. Later, I walked down to the lake and noticed there were daisies in my way on the steep trail full of roots and pokey weeds. What a beautiful reminder of beauty being found in the paths of life.