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Not a bed and breakfast, but beautiful and bold. I want to pass on to you a blog, it is new to the blogging forum, but not to the FB world. I went to college with this author, I wish I had known him better. I’m pretty sure we’d have had fun. No matter, that is past and today, Jeff wears many hats. I’ve read his work on FB and, with others, lamented it didn’t go further. Well, he heeded our pleas and now his stories can be heard by a larger audience. Hooray!!!!! Please welcome to the WordPress family,  What is Right With America. (especially in these rather ridiculous and frightening days!) 


When something goes septic, it is bad. This is a perfect word for the system hooked up to the house. Once again, things were a mess.

Last month, Travis had come out and was stunned at how bad the pipes were. They looked like the arteries of a person who lived on fast food for decades, not like a new system only used for 8 months. Or like pipes on a house which had never been taken care of. It made no sense, but he and Ian (from another company) came out to fix things. Twice, grease melter stuff had been poured down the drains inside the house and down a pipe outside. It helped, but the problem was still there. I honestly think it is a medical reason that is making the lining of grease inside the pipes. On Monday night, when mum flushed her toilet, the sewage came up in the laundry room with a sheen of oil on top. Since, we can’t ‘stop’ that, it was suggested we use to grease melting stuff every month and call Travis in February (or earlier, if we need to). He helped put this system in and he does NOT want it to be compromised! (he also helped put in at least one other system in the last 4 years for mum!) Ian pulled out quite a bit of guck from the tank, added several pouches of bacteria stuff, and agreed with Travis on what to do. They both said they’d rather come back and work on a small problem, than mess with a larger one.

These two are heroes. People who work in the nastiest stuff to make our lives easier and better. Thank you, Travis and Ian!!! (Travis has the sunglasses on  his hat, Ian is with the pumper truck)



Sometimes, when the skies are grey, little things happen to make your day! (oh, my!!! I made that rhyme!!!) I’m not a fan of this particular quote, I do not like being told I should be happy. However, today, at this moment in time on Sunday, I AM smiling and full of joy. I will savor this moment (and the others like it) and remember them when spots in the day are chill and damp.

What a blessing are those golden moments. When a string of them fall together in one weekend, you can’t help but be joyful!!!! You just gotta wear them and shine.

This is one of my favorite smile songs, the pups just make it more fun. Youtube is a great place to find things to make you smile!!

Sustaining Life

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I had noticed some of mum’s plants were in dire need of water. I hauled the hose as close as I could and set the nozzle on one of the further reaching modes. It went everywhere! After, I noticed a nearby tree was decorated with liquid crystals and a chickadee was drinking them. It reminded me of something. Those drops seemed too tiny to do any good at all, except evaporate. Yet, this small bird was gaining life sustaining fluid from them.

It is easy to miss those small sustaining drops of life around me. I dismiss them, they are too inconsequential. But, those are the things which make up my life. The little bits. The blogs I read with a phrase or a paragraph written to make me think, the conversations I have in person or on a phone or in messages that encourage and make me laugh, and the little experiences I encounter every day.

Mum is drinking of those drops and I forget how important they are. I focus on those harder times and fail to appreciate the shining life sustaining bits. I was trained that way, but I don’t need to remain there. Growing up never stops…..

Edible Sputnik


There is a Rose who has shown up several times in this blog. She is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met, hands down. She is kind, compassionate, has a great laugh, and can manage to encourage a person to do something even when they are not sure they want to! She has been paramount in introducing me to new things. The latest introduction was something even more dubious than the mushroom (which I still don’t care for).

In researching a baggie of sliced white sections, I learned it had a nick name of sputnik. Outer space in the home garden. I’ll be jiggered! I read about how to prepare it and was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious!!!!! I had it roasted and raw and if I had not had it brought to me, I would have missed out on a very special vegetable. I know I’d never have purchased one on my own. The outer design would have stumped me, even before I managed to get into it.

So, two blessings. Thank you, Rose, for bringing to my world something totally out of my norm. Kohlrabi is super yummy!


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Not the lilypads, the itty bitty damsalflies. They look like a dragonfly, but are different. They are everywhere, congregating on stems of grass, or the lilypads, or sticks in the water. I was very thankful I was not considered a good place to rest. As lovely as these are, they are still bugs! (the larger dragonflies often scare me and they DO like to land on me when I am out on the water!)

I was struck by how much these guys can eat in a day. They look so frail and inconsequential, and yet they are voracious! What an amazing part of our world these creatures are. What a blessing they exist to help curb the nastier bugs out there. I’d much rather have intricate aerial displays than noisy bugs with long noses! (mosquitoes.)

July Bug!

I was sent this picture of a bug today. I’m not in EO and my family thought they’d share their find with me. It is a 10 stripe June beetle, not sure if it is male or female, but you can see it is good sized. I was also told it was grumpy and hissing. I did NOT ask what they did with it. Growing up with boys, I’m used to finding empty containers with various sorts of insects resting within. This, I’ve never seen before. Which really isn’t surprising.

Our world is an amazing place.It is full of beauty and not so pretty things to fascinate and learn about. I’m thankful my boys have  never been afraid to search, discover, and share–which was their Tiger cub motto many eons ago. I’m also glad I was just sent a photo!