It’s a Wonderful World!

IMG_6354 Not one of my better photos, but I liked the message. The lake has a LOT of babies on it right now. Ducklings are everywhere and spill across the surface of the lake like tiny balls of down. Thankfully, each day they get a big bigger and stronger. Moms watch over them constantly and sometimes different species band together, forming a flotilla of waterfowl.

IMG_6313 Except, nature is NOT G rated. The mom pictured above, in just the last 48 hours, has lost a few more babies and the mallards cannot keep their scattered offspring from the talons of eagles. It is a blessing to live in this raw world of life and death at a time when I’m not sure where my own life is going.

I see the families growing up and know some of the babies will survive to fly away in the fall. Not all of them will be captured or bothered by predators. I will do my part to startle the hawks and eagles, to yell at the neighbor’s lab, and I will try to keep off the lake. At least til the babies are bigger and everyone feels a bit more at peace with odd things happening. What a world there is to observe and be a part of!

A Rose is a rose..


This Rose is as beautiful as her name and doesn’t have thorns! Once again, Rose is a blooming angel. God’s hands come to life.

Mum had a lot of plants. I had purchased some for her before Mom’s day and then she bought more later. Some neighbors gave her some raspberry bushes, which also needed planted. Mum wanted to do it herself. I was gone on Saturday for a while and Rose came to visit. She planted EVERYTHING for mum and mum watched and talked and it was an incredibly awesome amazing wonderful angelic thing for someone to do. I wanted to plant them for her, I wanted to have my sister come out and help, and mum vetoed each suggestion. Rose, she broke down those walls of not wanting help and did! I think I cried when I realised she had planted all the pots of flowers AND the raspberries. I felt so sad for the little guys having to grow inside the small containers and the larger plants were in bare dirt in boxes. Now, they have room to move their roots and enjoy the sunshine! (when we get it!) I’m so thankful for this friend who gives blessings with every breath.


20170531_205608 - Copy I was stuck in the muck in the kayak. I was NOT looking forward to getting out. I turned my head and saw splendor. It was worth being mired! Looking beyond where  you are broadens your perspective. It can give you peace. It can prepare you to step out into the gicky parts of your life. Hooray for getting stuck. Hooray for not focusing on the slime under the craft, but the shine on the water and in the trees. Hooray for reminders of life being a whole lot larger than the sucking sediment underfoot.

Warm Blessings

ATbrgexXc Today held a golden afternoon and then I opened up my emails and found another shining nugget. People blessings. Lights who illuminate and bring warmth to hearts and souls.

I knew I was going to see a friend this afternoon, I didn’t know we were going to watch the movie ‘La-La-Land’. Incredible musical score, perfect story line. A definite must see, which improves immensely with good company! Then, I found a message from a blogger I follow. We don’t always see eye to eye, but I’m not one to kick a person for not seeing what I see. Especially when I am so much shorter than everyone else! One of the sentences from Pete kind of blew me away. I’ve been blogging in many places for a very long time. This, was the sprinkles on the icing on the cake of his message, ” I just wanted to let you know your postings typed as you sit alone at your computer do reach out and at times touch the very souls of people you have never met.” Color me totally humbled. And completely blessed.


P1030302 One of my favorite authors said these words this week. “Grieving is always happening in the midst of all this glory.” Ann Voskamp.

One of my friends told me about a best friend who had just died of cancer, terrorists take lives, other friends are battling diseases which tear them apart, and it seems like there is no end. Thankfully, we have hope. A hope made up of all the glory bits around us. The glowing sunsets, the hatching babies, the wobbly legged critters learning to run, and smiles. I met a woman today who glowed. I thanked her for bringing a light to the day and she smiled. She said, as a receptionist, she felt it was part of her job to bring joy to people who might need it. She is part of the glory in the midst of a grieving world. She is a part of the hope for tomorrow and reminded me, I, too am a part of it.

Let’s shine on!

A time to every purpose

A group from a while ago made this song famous. “To everything (turn, turn, turn), there is a season (turn, turn, turn), and a time to every purpose under heaven.” The Byrds

These lyrics were brought to my attention fully today in two different ways. A new baby was sunning near our house and a giant tree was blown over by winds. The baby is a continuation of a species. It is brought into a world fraught with danger. He may not survive his first year. He is a promise of a future. The tree is huge. It looked strong with big green evergreen branches. At first, I thought it had been uprooted, but I was wrong. The tree, although it LOOKED strong, was aged inside. Some may say it was rotten. It wasn’t. I am seeing it as worn out. It was tired inside and if the wind hadn’t pushed it over, something else would have brought it down in the coming years. For this tree, today was a time for a season to end. I rejoice in the birth of a baby moose and I rejoice in knowing this tree fulfilled a purpose in its death. It is giving to me a lesson. The towering strength it showed on the outside was hiding the inner challenges of life. When the final difficulty came, it worked hard to not crumble. It broke first, failing to stay upright, it gently fell among its peers. Yet, even at the end, this tree is still majestic and beautiful.

Blessings everywhere in seasons to come and seasons finished.

Pass it On

IMG_9019 I read a great many blogs. I enjoy meeting people and reading their thoughts. There is one  I enjoy a great deal. I think it is because her last months have paralleled mine.

Last November the author went home to take care of her mum. She has gone thru intense health issues. She had to put her life ‘on hold’. She questions where she is and what she is doing. Today, she wrote a piece which truly spoke to me.

Last fall, I had a friend turn my questions around as to what I needed to choose to do for mum. I realised mum was a treasure and she needed shared. I have shared her a great deal these last months, but like Ana, I am asking to see. See where to go next. I am amazed at Mum’s progress towards better well being. Yet….her 19-9 numbers went up again and she shakes all the time. I yelled at God (yes, it is ok to do this now and again. He gets it) and asked Him to do something. Mum has had her hand taken care of and I was supposed to schedule her for an appointment today (I forgot) with a Dr she isn’t fond of. Is this what I am supposed to do? Will I, should I choose to leave her? Her room, which was incredibly tidy, is a mess again. I don’t want the rest of the things we’ve done to fall apart. I don’t know what to do. My blessing today is Ana in Beauty Beyond Bones and reminding me to ask Him to help me to see. Thank you.