Memory Making


I love this kid so much. He’s had a great deal of fun on his visit and I’m sad he’s got to leave. However, he has a job beyond being my son. Not to mention deer season is around the corner. He made memories he’ll never forget and I have ones to hold close until I see him again.

My heart is full as I look at the clock and realise it is time to wake him up for his drive to the big city. Thankfully, some things don’t change and waking him will remind me why I used to use a squirt bottle to get him out of bed! He also frowned upon waking to the theme song from Winnie-the Pooh when he was in High School. Silly sweet boy!

A Good Man

20170920_175227 (2)Robert Munsch wrote a book called ‘Love you forever‘ about a mom who loves her son. She tells him she’ll love him forever and as long as she lives, her baby he’ll be.

This is my baby. I laughed when, at mum’s radiation clinic, they asked if my son was going to come in with me some time. I said he was fishing and one of the gals said, ‘Jon-Jon should fish, it’s a good thing to do!’  She called him by his nickname from forever! Thursday, I got to meet some of the people he’s been with the past 2 days and mentioned him by the name of Jon. The main fisher woman guru corrected me with ‘Jonathan’ and when she found out I was his mom, said, ‘He’s a good man.’ Rather floored me. My baby is a man? When I hugged him good night that evening, I held him for a very long time. He wasn’t impressed (he said he was almost done with the chapter he was reading and I was sort of in the way), but I didn’t care. He may be a grown up, but he’ll always be my baby.

Love this kid!

IMG_6868 - Copy
Jonathan-age 23

This week my blessing is my baby. Yup, this is my youngest and he is visiting for a whole 7 days!!! I’ve not seen him since he put me on the plane to Alaska last November 3. I’m reminding him how to hug, communicate, and he’s reminding me how much I adore my kid! He comes up with incredible ideas and deep thoughts and dry comments which crack me up totally! I have absolutely missed this boy. He is truly a piece of my heart, a blessing, and a joy.

Even if he did leave his empty yogurt cup and spoon in an awkward spot or his wet shirt on the floor or get a rental truck I have trouble getting into…

A Simple Thing


Mum was annoyed I had gotten birds to land on me and she had not. So, the other day, I noticed the birds were being brave again and got some seed for mum. We waited for a bit before  she was graced with the presence of nuthatches, but it did happen. She was thrilled to be able to have this little creature land on her hand and take seeds.

Watching them almost made me cry. The birds are tiny, almost vulnerable in their size, and yet….Yet, they are a gift. Mum is smaller than she has been, she is also vulnerable, and she is  a gift. Mum felt she was giving to the birds by holding seed. The birds, well, they are just hungry and didn’t realise they were giving to mum in their bravery. Stepping out of a comfort zone, whether you are a bird or a human, can bring good things as small as a  sterile sunflower seed or as huge as a memory.

Pretty awesome, huh?

A paw of thanks


Mittens should be writing this. She doesn’t look thankful in that first shot, but she is. I remade the bed and stripped it down to the mattress (this was more serious than it should have been!). In the process I found Mitten’s favorite toy that had been missing for a while. She has several cat toys.  Many cat toys..too many for a single cat. She adores this worn out green mouse shaped one. I keep finding it and she plays with it and loses it and I find it again. So, Mittens is mostly content..or as content as a cat may get. She often sleeps with me now and today she curled up under my blanket near my feet. I am a cat person and am thankful Mittens has extended her paw to me. Of course, it helps this two legger slave feeds her, cleans her kitty box, and finds her toys!

Eyes in their Hearts


There are many more amazing providers who work in this center. Of these five pictured, I’ve met four. Four of the most incredible, kind, patient, knowledgeable, gentle, and fun people in the world. The two women allow me to prattle constantly and they take care of mum. The two male doctors in the bottom photograph…well, one of them makes my heart ache with thankfulness each time he crosses our path.

These people show heart characteristics others might just wear. We, here on the Kenai, are so very fortunate to have cancer facilities to help the soul as well as the body. And the souls of those doing care giving. I am completely confident in the work they do and their integrity as healthcare professionals. I feel safe giving them mum and myself. There is an old favorite book where a character was described as a person who had ‘eyes in the back of her heart’. These people have those eyes. And I am thankful every day.

A bird in hand…

I know any followers who are facebook friends might be tired of my fowl write ups, but it was so EXCITING!!!!! Feeling the feet of a bird on your skin is humbling. It doesn’t matter if it is a hummingbird, chickadee, or owl (note: with the last you should wear gloves), they are incredible creatures to hold. These little ones are nuthatches. The first photo is my favorite. The bird had chosen a shelled seed and looked at me straight on. As if to say, ‘will you just put it on the feeder?!!’ I think I smiled for hours after this wonderful experience. What an amazing blessing our feathered friends are.