I’ll be Missing You-

20170724_125124 Today, mum’s nurse discharged her from the Home Health roster. I will dearly miss these wonderful people. From the very beginning in December of last year, I have relied on the expertise, advice, and care these wonderful professionals have given mum. She’s lost more weight in the last week, she’s having a hard time breathing, her back (not near her kidneys) aches constantly, she has had constant nausea in the last few days, and she feels something is not right.  I do not know what the next days or weeks will bring. Thankfully, other than her weight, tumor marker, and crackles in her lungs, her stats look good. For me, I know I am going to miss  holding on to the lifeline these amazing people have held out to me. The blessing they have been is indescribable.

(NOTE: this nurse didn’t want to discharge mum. It was an insurance sort of thing)



There are two wonderful Linda’s who work at the oncology clinic mum frequently visits. This Linda I am sharing  today is the lovely face most often seen behind the sliding glass windows. If you call the clinic, she is the person you most likely will speak to. Linda is quiet voiced, gentle in her communication, and helpful beyond belief. Her kindness is like raspberry jam on warm toast, but less sticky!  She is a woman who reminds me of the one described in Proverbs 31. Linda has been another of the heroes in this journey I’ve been on and a blessing a million times over. Her outer beauty is a reflection of a most beautiful person within. Her grace extends to those around her and she humbles me. I am fortunate our paths have crossed. Linda, like all of us, is walking a road with incredibly hard spots. Yet, she constantly blesses and gives to those around her. I am so incredibly thankful for this lady. She truly is a joy to know. I absolutely admire her and appreciate her more than she will ever know.


This song has lyrics which made me ache today-

What if your blessings come from raindrops….There is a lot of rain lately. I can’t see there is mercy, but I know there is. I’ve been incredibly angry with God lately. ‘All the while He does hear each desperate plea..’



In the last week, there have been many blessings. Most of the time, I didn’t want to even mention them. Apathy and resignation kill joy.

One good place to find it is floating on a calm lake in a kayak with a favorite book. (NOTE: horseflies do not make  good reading companions!)

A flying moment


It was a rough start to the day. It made me a little bit grumpy and I decided to feed the birds. As I stomped over to fill up a ground container, a bright color caught my eye. This male let me get super close before he flew off. I might have been 2 feet away when he finally took flight. Totally changed my whole morning. I am not quite sure if he’s a grosbeak or a crossbill. His mouth is full! It doesn’t matter. He was a bright spot of color which brightened up my day! Hooray for those fly by moments of cheer!

Keep an eye out for them, you never know how close they come when you aren’t paying attention.

Small things, big results

20170702_005052 It wasn’t small to me. It was HUGE.

Several weeks ago, this light went out. This is an important light, because those stairs are STEEP and it is very dark in that tunnel to the basement. I hated leaving the two lights on in the family room, but I needed something as I traveled the house at 4 am. I had asked a friend to change it when he was in the area, but he hadn’t shown up yet. Other people are busy since it is summer and, quite frankly, it is in a hard to reach spot. I needed someone sort of tall.

The other day a young man stopped by. Mum gave him something for his little boy and before the man left, he asked if there was anything I needed done. I was going to say no, when I remembered this light. He descended the stair, took the glass plate from the square in the ceiling, and replaced the dead bulb with a new one. It was incredible!!! He didn’t think anything of this little job which illuminated my world.

Small gestures make for huge results. Try it and bring light to someone around you~

so very thankful

This evening was the baseball game for mum. It had a larger crowd than seen in many a game, mum saw many friends, and the Oilers won in a stressful last inning. My heart was so full, my eyes leaked happy tears many times. Watching mum, she was so amped up and enjoying herself. She has brought joy to so many people. I am so very thankful we got to share her this evening in a venue she loves.

I came home to share this news on FB and discovered something else. Something which makes my heart ache. The gal in the second photo, taken in April, is gone. Chris gave so much to all of us online. She called spade spades and filled our walls with happy comments and positive thoughts. She was an illustrator and wrote a bit, an incredible artist. There are so many things I could say about this wonderful woman. I’m so thankful I knew her as long as I did. And I will forever and always regret NOT knowing her in HS. So silly. She graduated the year before me and we ran in different circles. Some of our friends were similar, but not enough to merge our timelines til we met on fb.

She is as much of a hero as my mum. I don’t know why she died. I know her heart was bad (she had to wear a battery thing). Yesterday she shared photos of blood bags and thanked those who gave donations-she must have been getting a transfusion. The photo was from being 6 months cancer free. Today, her son posted how much he’d miss her. And his post was followed by many others.

I am so thankful for celebrating mum tonight and so very thankful for knowing Chris as well as I did. Joy and blessings in every place you look.