Hello Again!

It is the end of July, Harry Potter (and JK Rowling) have a birthday this weekend, the Olympics are limping along without huge crowds and some athletes-yet, records are being made and disappointment parallels them, and summer in EO is not letting up. My garden has been reduced to straw, the cucumber has a possible single fruit, and the sunflowers are sharing their stately crowns with the gold finches. Several more old friends have passed on, other memorial services have finally taken place, and no matter how prepared we are, it still hurts.

My eye sight is quirky, but getting better from an eye surgery in June, and I’m so thankful the trips to Wenatchee are finally done! The doctor is moving to SCalifornia and has told me it will be a couple more weeks til the gas bubble inside is completely gone and I can get the cataract removed.

It is good to look at what is past to focus on the future. Not to erase the past, but to acknowledge and learn from it. Some parts need memorialized to help keep the memories alive, while others need removed to help us not keep them a memorial. I’m starting to sort through slides of ages past and have been struck by many things. Thankfully, the clothes and hair have changed, those people were so fortunate they had no idea what their future might be, and what a stunning world it all is and has been!!!

Can’t add in any of those photos yet, but will share a goldfinch. Pictures that remind me of yet another quirk in our world. I’ve planted several packages of sunflowers and not a single one has come up. The squirrels and birds have ‘planted’ dozens of bird seed sunflowers and almost all of those are looking lovely. So, piffle to the packets! I’m going to plant bird seed next year!!!

One thought on “Hello Again!

  1. We’re so fortunate to see the sunflowers, regardless of their origin!
    I’ve had millet grow beneath my feeders as well, a lovely grass.
    Charming photos of the goldfinches!



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