Beautiful Blessing

This last week several things happened. One of them, however, may not have happened without the other. That made me realise how threads in a life tapestry often need nudged into place, even after they are a part of the picture. Had an odd to me thing occur within my banking account, so called my favorite banker in Alaska for help. Was scheduled in and after Dan called and fixed the problem, we veered off into life and people and what not. While talking about classmates who have gone places, my dear friend Connie came into the conversation. Time and again, the two of us have wondered if we’ve really made a difference when we look at some of the rest of our classmates. Personally, am pretty sure she has. Connie is a hair stylist, but she is also so much more. She listens and helps and is constantly giving of herself to others. Connie is also taking care of her mom. Helen is the most lovely woman ever ad it is obvious Connie is following in many of those steps. Anyway, Helen recently broke her wrist-almost right after it had healed from a previous break and when I mentioned I’d not written to them in a few weeks, Dan mentioned I should.

After our conversation, decided to send them flowers, instead. Now, sending flowers in AK is easy. FTD is everywhere. Yet, I didn’t like any of those bouquets. So, I called the floral department in a local grocery and asked if I could just purchase an Alaska Bouquet. Am not exactly sure it is called that, but it is one of my favorite big bunches of flowers. The florist had some already made up and, so, that is what we did. She added a note, wrapped them in purple for me, and called Connie to tell her flowers were waiting. No, they were not delivered-not sure why their delivery isn’t available right now, but Connie and her mom only live moments from the grocer. Later, Connie sent me a picture of Mom Carlson with the flowers. Absolutely blessed by these two. And Dan, for nudging me. Now, after lunch, will call Nedra E. Because if you are thinking about someone and are blessed by them, tell them!!! I’d send Nedra flowers, too, but am not as sure the stores in Anchorage would be as helpful!

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