My Boys

It’s been awhile since my boys were last together. This was May 2016. They live time zones and worlds apart, sometimes they fight while on the phone, days go by until the oldest calls the youngest, making peace again. These two are the best reason for my existence. I’m always thankful for being their mom. When they were smaller, they nicknamed me the Evil Momster in fun. But, it was cuz if someone was going to discipline them, it would be mom!

Tony, the one in camo, is the child of my heart. I was too hard on him and demanded more than I should have. He calls to read me stories he’s writing, to talk politics, to share things he’d never tell his dad or brother. He’s been to Iraq, is a Disney fan, enjoys anime, sarcasm, cooking, mining, making jewelry, raising chickens, and writing. He’s almost 5 years older than Jon. Five years plus a hundred. Jon’s quiet. He also has a hilarious dry sense of humor. He’s adamant in his beliefs, which is where he clashes with his brother. Tony looks at every side, inside, and underneath before he decides something, Jon looks at the side he feels is right. Jon makes things, collects obscure facts, reads classics like Sherlock Holmes and CS Lewis, is a stellar photographer, knows more about firearms throughout history than most encyclopedias, and is a house and car accident fire fighter. Jon is the soda bubbles in our lives. He was a surprise baby, like his brother, and completes my joy. He got away with more than his brother. Probably cuz they were so far apart in age and because he was a big kid and provided a reliable peasant when Tony’s friends needed someone to round out the sides in their games. Both boys are introverts, Tony is less so. He will rent rooms in his house out to younger kids who want to get out of their parent’s house. He also speeds them on their way if they prove annoying! Jon goes out of his way to avoid people. He always has. He works for farmers and contractors in his off time, but outside the family, people are to be communicated with only if necessary. He rents from his parents and has enough to move out, eventually!

The two are different in dozens of ways, yet incredibly similar. I’m thoroughly proud of who they are, even when they make me mad. They are truly my life’s blessings.

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