Looking at You

While out in the kayak I saw some ducklings-and they saw me! Mom steered them around my dubious looking unnatural orange craft! Later, I heard crashing in the woods and looked up from my book to see a young bull who wanted to visit the lake. Alas, he, too, was careful about my being on the lake and eventually left!

It is so much fun to note what is going on around you when you are in nature. You need to be aware or you miss things. If that moose had been quieter, I probably wouldn’t have stopped reading! Even sitting at the window, I like to keep it open a bit to listen to what is going on outside. I heard splashing at midnight the other night and looked up to see one of the moose wading on the edge of the lake. I did try to record the sounds while I was in the kayak and even now, at almost 1 am, I can hear birds and loon and the sky is a pale peach fading to twilight blue. The trees are etchings of black and they are rustling in the breeze, talking to each other about the long lovely days. Then, man breaks into the music score with the notes of machines and pet dogs! Snipe are almost as eerie to hear as loon. I see and hear a tiny duck family. They are down to two babies already. Not sure what took them out. Loon, eagle, or those dogs-it is a rough and gorgeous world out there!

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