Gull Moves

One of my very favorite books (Do know I have MANY favorite books) is ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’. This photo I somehow managed to snap, reminds me of that story. The gull landing seems to be concentrating on landing well in the wind. The other gull, that one is just looking for food. Jonathan was a gull who strove to be better at flying and then at living. He looked beyond where he was to what he could be and what he was supposed to be. It is a reminder for me to do the same. To not be hung up on the moment and what is in front of me, but to make sure I catch the wind properly and land well. And if I foul up, to try it again til I get it right. I am a bigger person than just the woman wanting to be loved, sorting through debris, angry and forgiving mom at the same time, and existing on a plane of not much at all. I need to expect good things will happen to me, not just to others around me. To rejoice in those little things I write in here AND know those bigger ones will follow. That I matter.

I guess it is a gull thing!

3 thoughts on “Gull Moves

  1. Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, also wrote a book entitled Illusions.
    If you liked the former, you will like the latter.
    I read it at a tender age, late teens, and garnered from it lessons and quotes I use to this very day.

    Good and great things are coming to you always.
    This I know as I read about them and glimpse images in your posts.

    A favorite Illusions quote, if somewhat paraphrased:

    “The world is your exercise book. You are free to do with it as you please. You can write your reps, or write lies, or doodle, or tear out the pages.”

    Seek peace,


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