I had to do a normal ordinary errand this afternoon. It was pretty icy out on the drive, but once I got onto borough roads, things were not too bad. I had noticed the sky was turning pink, but had no idea how stunning it would be! My entire drive was washed in hues of pink and I grinned the entire time. I recalled a book where the main character shared how God loves beautiful things. She encouraged her young friend to look at a sunset and be blessed by the wonder.

As I drove, tonight, I was blessed. There were red and pink and lavender hues eventually muting into the darkness of early night. I wasn’t able to pull over and take a picture since it wasn’t entirely safe out there, but I found one I’ve used before. This one is from almost a year ago.

We really do live in a magnificent magical wonderful world!img_5230


3 thoughts on “Sunset!

  1. Like yourself I don’t know on how many trips to town I forget about driving, (even on icy roads), and just take in natures way of painting a landscape. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to live in a land touched by the hand of God.

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