Fritz and Feathers

This was a lovely weekend full of snow and scenes of beauty. I made a fairly large snow person and named him Fritz. He just looked like a Fritz! I also discovered he’s not as tall as I thought. After working on him in late Saturday afternoon, I thought he might be about 5 feet tall. He’s under that, but it also rained part of Sunday! When I go the paper, I stopped by the bird feeder. I managed to get this very close up shot of a lady grosbeak. She was incredibly brave, I took three photos and got closer and closer til she finally flew off. Her mate was in a tree above her whistling a warning. They have gorgeous tones in their song. I ended the weekend by going out for a walk in the moonlight. I even found a ‘bench’ of snow to sit on! (the plow made it last night.)

It is fun to find amazing fun things in the world around us. It’s even more fun to be in those things experiencing them!


5 thoughts on “Fritz and Feathers

  1. Loved the 8.3″ of new snow we received across Saturday but I’m concerned about the forecast for temps in the low forties and rain across the next 36 hours. I love the Grosbeaks that frequent this area; they really love the black oilers I put out on my single platform feeder…

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