Financial Thanks

Many of the problems I encounter are fixable or at least manageable. Unfortunately, I tend to get lost in the murky waters of medical finances. My navigation system doesn’t always work in that area as I’d prefer to take a bill, pay it, and be done. Mum recently received a bill from the local hospital that confused me. It was larger than I’d expected and I couldn’t just ‘pay’ it. I asked for help in figuring out what all the amounts stood for and was told it didn’t make sense and to ‘take it to the hospital’. So, I did. The cashier in the financial assistance hallway was surprised. She, in turn, made a phone call to someone else. Asking for help. The person she called was also surprised. Eventually, the woman hung up the phone, turned to me, and told me it had been adjusted. She followed those words with a most astonishing announcement. When I was told it was adjusted, she seemed almost hesitant about telling me the remainder due, as if I might not pay it. Eventually, I learned mom’s bill had been dropped from 4 figures to $56.

I was shocked and paid it on the spot.

When people are knowledgeable about a task you need help with, ask for help. It really does save a great deal of time and sometimes it can save you money!  Blessings all around.


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