I love wind chimes. I like different sizes and shapes and their varied tones when the breeze moves them. I find enjoyment when I listen to something musical in things a bit out of the norm. Earrings also charm me when they ding as they dangle. I have tiny cowbells as well as itty jingle bells for the holidays. One of my favorite sweatshirts was a gift and also makes music. The hard plastic ends on the string are bell like when they clink together, making me smile. Today, I was given another blessing of sound. One of the wonderful women at our local post office saw some earrings and bought them for me, to help me remember I’m being thought of and cared for. I was humbled by the gift and fell in love when I put them on. The long little silver beads (which kind of look like halves of a bitty pair of scissors!) faintly chime when I move! They sound like an echo of fairy bells, reminding me of joy.


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