Winter blessings!


More than the lovely day full of snow, I am grateful for my gloves. Simple small blessings from a friend several summers back. It was June and Kelly handed me a pair of North Face  gloves. I’d never owned a pair like them, shoot I’d never owned a pair of any name brand glove or mitten! I took them back to Oregon and wore them. I decided they needed to come back to AK with me. I wasn’t sure I’d need them in the summer, but well….You never know!

When I came home last November, they were with me again.  I’ve used them quite a bit in the last year. Driving, moving snow, walking, and making snowmen. Every time I put them on, I thank my friend who had no idea how important this simple pair of black gloves would be.


4 thoughts on “Winter blessings!

  1. I’m so jealous; we received just 1.7″ total snow from yesterday’s snow event while I think you folks saw 5+ inches. I, too, have a pair of North Face Gore-Tex ‘Wind Blockers’; I use them until I’m out when it is -10° F or cooler. Then I switch to my padded mittens; while much clumsier to use they are warmer. I can extend the useful temp range by wearing a pair of poly pro glove liners with the ‘Wind Blockers’ as I have done many times. Enjoy your snow, Kris!!

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