Sustaining Life

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I had noticed some of mum’s plants were in dire need of water. I hauled the hose as close as I could and set the nozzle on one of the further reaching modes. It went everywhere! After, I noticed a nearby tree was decorated with liquid crystals and a chickadee was drinking them. It reminded me of something. Those drops seemed too tiny to do any good at all, except evaporate. Yet, this small bird was gaining life sustaining fluid from them.

It is easy to miss those small sustaining drops of life around me. I dismiss them, they are too inconsequential. But, those are the things which make up my life. The little bits. The blogs I read with a phrase or a paragraph written to make me think, the conversations I have in person or on a phone or in messages that encourage and make me laugh, and the little experiences I encounter every day.

Mum is drinking of those drops and I forget how important they are. I focus on those harder times and fail to appreciate the shining life sustaining bits. I was trained that way, but I don’t need to remain there. Growing up never stops…..


2 thoughts on “Sustaining Life

  1. Chickadees are among my favorite wild birds; they are pretty, spunky and very vociferous. I have a couple hanging around my place that have almost landed on my hands while I’m refilling their feeder. They are social birds and up here they are often in the company of Red Breasted Nuthatches, Dark Eyed Juncos (in season) and similar birds.

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