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Not the lilypads, the itty bitty damsalflies. They look like a dragonfly, but are different. They are everywhere, congregating on stems of grass, or the lilypads, or sticks in the water. I was very thankful I was not considered a good place to rest. As lovely as these are, they are still bugs! (the larger dragonflies often scare me and they DO like to land on me when I am out on the water!)

I was struck by how much these guys can eat in a day. They look so frail and inconsequential, and yet they are voracious! What an amazing part of our world these creatures are. What a blessing they exist to help curb the nastier bugs out there. I’d much rather have intricate aerial displays than noisy bugs with long noses! (mosquitoes.)


13 thoughts on “Delicate

      1. OK. Never heard of them. What is your link to your site? It says and I quote “ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.” ☹☹😭😭


      2. I think I figured it out. I have two blogs attached to this particular address and so, the prompt gave the address and neither blog. I put in the blessing one-thank you for helping me fix this. :o)

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