July Bug!

I was sent this picture of a bug today. I’m not in EO and my family thought they’d share their find with me. It is a 10 stripe June beetle, not sure if it is male or female, but you can see it is good sized. I was also told it was grumpy and hissing. I did NOT ask what they did with it. Growing up with boys, I’m used to finding empty containers with various sorts of insects resting within. This, I’ve never seen before. Which really isn’t surprising.

Our world is an amazing place.It is full of beauty and not so pretty things to fascinate and learn about. I’m thankful my boys have  never been afraid to search, discover, and share–which was their Tiger cub motto many eons ago. I’m also glad I was just sent a photo!


4 thoughts on “July Bug!

  1. Confession: The first thought I had was how it might taste deep fried. A few Facebook friends are currently in South East Asia and posting about insects being sold at markets. When I was in Vietnam a few years ago I had a delicious meal of deep fried locusts with bacon and butter.

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