I’ll be Missing You-

20170724_125124 Today, mum’s nurse discharged her from the Home Health roster. I will dearly miss these wonderful people. From the very beginning in December of last year, I have relied on the expertise, advice, and care these wonderful professionals have given mum. She’s lost more weight in the last week, she’s having a hard time breathing, her back (not near her kidneys) aches constantly, she has had constant nausea in the last few days, and she feels something is not right.  I do not know what the next days or weeks will bring. Thankfully, other than her weight, tumor marker, and crackles in her lungs, her stats look good. For me, I know I am going to miss  holding on to the lifeline these amazing people have held out to me. The blessing they have been is indescribable.

(NOTE: this nurse didn’t want to discharge mum. It was an insurance sort of thing)


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