There are two wonderful Linda’s who work at the oncology clinic mum frequently visits. This Linda I am sharing  today is the lovely face most often seen behind the sliding glass windows. If you call the clinic, she is the person you most likely will speak to. Linda is quiet voiced, gentle in her communication, and helpful beyond belief. Her kindness is like raspberry jam on warm toast, but less sticky!  She is a woman who reminds me of the one described in Proverbs 31. Linda has been another of the heroes in this journey I’ve been on and a blessing a million times over. Her outer beauty is a reflection of a most beautiful person within. Her grace extends to those around her and she humbles me. I am fortunate our paths have crossed. Linda, like all of us, is walking a road with incredibly hard spots. Yet, she constantly blesses and gives to those around her. I am so incredibly thankful for this lady. She truly is a joy to know. I absolutely admire her and appreciate her more than she will ever know.


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