Small things, big results

20170702_005052 It wasn’t small to me. It was HUGE.

Several weeks ago, this light went out. This is an important light, because those stairs are STEEP and it is very dark in that tunnel to the basement. I hated leaving the two lights on in the family room, but I needed something as I traveled the house at 4 am. I had asked a friend to change it when he was in the area, but he hadn’t shown up yet. Other people are busy since it is summer and, quite frankly, it is in a hard to reach spot. I needed someone sort of tall.

The other day a young man stopped by. Mum gave him something for his little boy and before the man left, he asked if there was anything I needed done. I was going to say no, when I remembered this light. He descended the stair, took the glass plate from the square in the ceiling, and replaced the dead bulb with a new one. It was incredible!!! He didn’t think anything of this little job which illuminated my world.

Small gestures make for huge results. Try it and bring light to someone around you~


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