so very thankful

This evening was the baseball game for mum. It had a larger crowd than seen in many a game, mum saw many friends, and the Oilers won in a stressful last inning. My heart was so full, my eyes leaked happy tears many times. Watching mum, she was so amped up and enjoying herself. She has brought joy to so many people. I am so very thankful we got to share her this evening in a venue she loves.

I came home to share this news on FB and discovered something else. Something which makes my heart ache. The gal in the second photo, taken in April, is gone. Chris gave so much to all of us online. She called spade spades and filled our walls with happy comments and positive thoughts. She was an illustrator and wrote a bit, an incredible artist. There are so many things I could say about this wonderful woman. I’m so thankful I knew her as long as I did. And I will forever and always regret NOT knowing her in HS. So silly. She graduated the year before me and we ran in different circles. Some of our friends were similar, but not enough to merge our timelines til we met on fb.

She is as much of a hero as my mum. I don’t know why she died. I know her heart was bad (she had to wear a battery thing). Yesterday she shared photos of blood bags and thanked those who gave donations-she must have been getting a transfusion. The photo was from being 6 months cancer free. Today, her son posted how much he’d miss her. And his post was followed by many others.

I am so thankful for celebrating mum tonight and so very thankful for knowing Chris as well as I did. Joy and blessings in every place you look.


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