Scented Blessings


This is a hard blessing to put into words on a blog. I am pretty sure WP hasn’t quite reached the ability to add a scratch and sniff app, but I’ll do my best with letters.

I was pulling up babies yesterday. Assorted grasses, little trees, and wild rose bushes who were determined to grow in places they didn’t belong. As a gardener, I’m pretty liberal in letting things take root in unexpected spots. Unfortunately, wild roses are not only tenacious, they HURT! So, out of the paths my feet trod they go! Young trees are a different matter. If I can pull and transplant them, I do. Otherwise, they get removed. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as it looks. Suckers always seem to be attached with something stronger than the Jedi Force. Often, I need to pull these critters with pliers to fully extract them from their hold on life.

Disturbing the ground around these powerful roots releases a scent of earth. Dirt and growing things. Little mosses, bitty flower stems, and grasses holding firm to soil and letting go in a bursting odor of growth. Grasping the whippy deciduous stems and pulling, also releases a tang. A crisp scent of green which sticks to my fingers with the running sap. A woodsy fragrance I enjoy on my skin and regret washing away. It is an exhilarating bright joyful essence of growing times.

In this day and age, it is probably an essential oil of some sort. I prefer to glean this blessing straight from the source, warmed by sunshine, and accompanied by hard work.


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