IMG_6568 Squirrels are hilarious to watch. Yes, they are nasty and dirty AND rodents. However, they make up for those short comings in their absurdity.  I remember my father in law laughing over a squirrel pair tearing apart a yarn trellis I’d made in the garden. I was annoyed, but realised a few yards of yarn and several hours of work is nothing compared to a great laugh!

Yesterday, I watched this squirrel in mum’s yard. It got into every bird feeder in the area. Most of which we had assumed were squirrel proof. The shepherd’s hooks the feeders are on do not stop a determined squirrel! Especially, if the hook has a decorative bit on the stem. The twist appeared to be perfectly positioned to hang on to while pulling the dangling feeder close! When the greedy creature tried to climb under the feeder and fell to the ground, I laughed out loud! I think I embarrassed him. He ran off into a tree and didn’t come back for a bit.

What a blessing laughter is! What a blessing squirrels are. At least, when they aren’t getting into your house and making nests in the attic.


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