It is all around

IMG_6550 Life. You can’t escape it. Even with death, life goes on. I have been thinking about this again. How you can’t really predict what will happen next and how you need to keep paddling.

This little family showed up for the first time this evening. They are a mom with young goldeneyes. I learned why I couldn’t find any nests, these gals put their eggs high up in dead trees, like a wood duck. When the babies hatch, the mom encourages them to tumble from the about 40 foot high nest and join her on the ground. They do and off they go! New life breaks forth in dead trees. It doesn’t matter if it is raining (like in this photo) or shining, they are born and ready to launch. Literally! Their number is strong tonight, but I would almost bet by the end of the week it will be halved or less. Many of the mamas have lost their young to the predators. That somewhat disturbing circle of life. It is a relentless cycle we cannot stop. We can control it with helping the environment of ourselves or the world, but it will not stop. Everything is born, it may have the chance to grow old, and then there is death. Where is the blessing? The blessing I found is that ‘Life will always go on‘.

Thank, God!


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