A thankful heart


Blessings come in many forms. This last week, I was overwhelmed with an outpouring of gifts for my mum. It all started with someone saying I should set up a gofundme account for a germinating project. Well, I did and the generosity went beyond my goal. I had no idea anything would come of this, I wasn’t expecting more than maybe $100, and I certainly wasn’t expecting online friends I’ve never met in person to donate and share my campaign!

I have never liked having to ask anyone for money, it is not in my genetics.  I recall an experience I had when the boys were in HS. I was in the Anchorage airport and found out the planes were being grounded in Seattle, but they might be flying by the time we got there. I was confident we’d get to Portland, OR. Dad asked if I needed money. I declined and have kicked myself ever since. Being stranded in SeaTac with a million others for 3 days is a life changing experience! So, now, I am a tiny bit better about taking it when offered, but I still don’t like to ask.

Because of my inhibitions, this gofundme campaign was really hard to do. I haven’t told mum, she’d be so upset with me! But, I am so thankful I went through with it. People love her and really do want to do something for her. This was a lovely way for them to show their support for a woman they admire. It was also humbling for me to see how much people want to give me a hand. Even people who already have in one way or another. I’m truly a blessed person and incredibly thankful.


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