Eagles are fascinating birds. They are also scavengers and predators. It always fascinates me when I find how many verses in the Bible are dedicated to eagles, how many people absolutely revere them, and how often they are touted as nothing more than beautiful. This is a blurry photo, but I chose it to show off the feathers and talons and the beak. This bird is NOT just beautiful, it was created to kill.

It has taken out a number of ducklings on the lake, playing a deadly role in the circle of life. As I watched it soar over the lake, dip down to grab diving babies, and rise back up to land in the trees, I realised something. Those wings are the important part. Rise up on wings as eagles (personally, the terns who came to harass it were even more astounding, but I digress!), soaring with feathers crafted to lift and carry heavy burdens of self and prey. They are incredible birds and I’m sad and glad this one hung out on the lake for so many hours. It reminded me to soar and that unexpected death is a part of life.

IMG_4780 - Copy
May 2014, outside of Ninilchik. 

2 thoughts on “Soar

  1. There’s a certain ambivalence regarding raptors; they are incredible predators possessed of a fierce majesty and amazing grace in flight but they fill such an important niche in the local ecology through their hunting and predation.

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