While Eastern Oregon had a storm full of crashings and bashings and cataracts of water today, the rain we had in this part of the Kenai was perfect for flora and fauna. I was sent the photo on the left and captured the one on the right. The duck was with a group of male mallards and stood out. Or at least, the head stood out!!! He is a male American Wigeon and rather dashing. I did look for the female, but on a darkish day most mostly brown ducks all look the same. It is fascinating to watch how  rain can affect different areas. I don’t know if EO needed it, but we sure do. I’m pretty sure the lake didn’t rise much, but I don’t need to water the seeds I planted earlier!!! One of my Oregon neighbors said she wasn’t going to need to water either, but she was worried about the plants which had already popped out of the ground.

What a wonderful thing rain is. In abundance it can terrify and cause mayhem. In gentle showers it blesses. Yet, after it is all over, the sky lights up in beauty. What a gift!

Photo by Steve

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