It’s a Wonderful World!

IMG_6354 Not one of my better photos, but I liked the message. The lake has a LOT of babies on it right now. Ducklings are everywhere and spill across the surface of the lake like tiny balls of down. Thankfully, each day they get a big bigger and stronger. Moms watch over them constantly and sometimes different species band together, forming a flotilla of waterfowl.

IMG_6313 Except, nature is NOT G rated. The mom pictured above, in just the last 48 hours, has lost a few more babies and the mallards cannot keep their scattered offspring from the talons of eagles. It is a blessing to live in this raw world of life and death at a time when I’m not sure where my own life is going.

I see the families growing up and know some of the babies will survive to fly away in the fall. Not all of them will be captured or bothered by predators. I will do my part to startle the hawks and eagles, to yell at the neighbor’s lab, and I will try to keep off the lake. At least til the babies are bigger and everyone feels a bit more at peace with odd things happening. What a world there is to observe and be a part of!


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