A Rose is a rose..


This Rose is as beautiful as her name and doesn’t have thorns! Once again, Rose is a blooming angel. God’s hands come to life.

Mum had a lot of plants. I had purchased some for her before Mom’s day and then she bought more later. Some neighbors gave her some raspberry bushes, which also needed planted. Mum wanted to do it herself. I was gone on Saturday for a while and Rose came to visit. She planted EVERYTHING for mum and mum watched and talked and it was an incredibly awesome amazing wonderful angelic thing for someone to do. I wanted to plant them for her, I wanted to have my sister come out and help, and mum vetoed each suggestion. Rose, she broke down those walls of not wanting help and did! I think I cried when I realised she had planted all the pots of flowers AND the raspberries. I felt so sad for the little guys having to grow inside the small containers and the larger plants were in bare dirt in boxes. Now, they have room to move their roots and enjoy the sunshine! (when we get it!) I’m so thankful for this friend who gives blessings with every breath.


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