Warm Blessings

ATbrgexXc Today held a golden afternoon and then I opened up my emails and found another shining nugget. People blessings. Lights who illuminate and bring warmth to hearts and souls.

I knew I was going to see a friend this afternoon, I didn’t know we were going to watch the movie ‘La-La-Land’. Incredible musical score, perfect story line. A definite must see, which improves immensely with good company! Then, I found a message from a blogger I follow. We don’t always see eye to eye, but I’m not one to kick a person for not seeing what I see. Especially when I am so much shorter than everyone else! One of the sentences from Pete kind of blew me away. I’ve been blogging in many places for a very long time. This, was the sprinkles on the icing on the cake of his message, ” I just wanted to let you know your postings typed as you sit alone at your computer do reach out and at times touch the very souls of people you have never met.” Color me totally humbled. And completely blessed.


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