A time to every purpose

A group from a while ago made this song famous. “To everything (turn, turn, turn), there is a season (turn, turn, turn), and a time to every purpose under heaven.” The Byrds

These lyrics were brought to my attention fully today in two different ways. A new baby was sunning near our house and a giant tree was blown over by winds. The baby is a continuation of a species. It is brought into a world fraught with danger. He may not survive his first year. He is a promise of a future. The tree is huge. It looked strong with big green evergreen branches. At first, I thought it had been uprooted, but I was wrong. The tree, although it LOOKED strong, was aged inside. Some may say it was rotten. It wasn’t. I am seeing it as worn out. It was tired inside and if the wind hadn’t pushed it over, something else would have brought it down in the coming years. For this tree, today was a time for a season to end. I rejoice in the birth of a baby moose and I rejoice in knowing this tree fulfilled a purpose in its death. It is giving to me a lesson. The towering strength it showed on the outside was hiding the inner challenges of life. When the final difficulty came, it worked hard to not crumble. It broke first, failing to stay upright, it gently fell among its peers. Yet, even at the end, this tree is still majestic and beautiful.

Blessings everywhere in seasons to come and seasons finished.


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