Pass it On

IMG_9019 I read a great many blogs. I enjoy meeting people and reading their thoughts. There is one  I enjoy a great deal. I think it is because her last months have paralleled mine.

Last November the author went home to take care of her mum. She has gone thru intense health issues. She had to put her life ‘on hold’. She questions where she is and what she is doing. Today, she wrote a piece which truly spoke to me.

Last fall, I had a friend turn my questions around as to what I needed to choose to do for mum. I realised mum was a treasure and she needed shared. I have shared her a great deal these last months, but like Ana, I am asking to see. See where to go next. I am amazed at Mum’s progress towards better well being. Yet….her 19-9 numbers went up again and she shakes all the time. I yelled at God (yes, it is ok to do this now and again. He gets it) and asked Him to do something. Mum has had her hand taken care of and I was supposed to schedule her for an appointment today (I forgot) with a Dr she isn’t fond of. Is this what I am supposed to do? Will I, should I choose to leave her? Her room, which was incredibly tidy, is a mess again. I don’t want the rest of the things we’ve done to fall apart. I don’t know what to do. My blessing today is Ana in Beauty Beyond Bones and reminding me to ask Him to help me to see. Thank you.


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