IMG_6159 Seasons wax and wane in the never interrupted march of time. I look at the trees warming in the sun and am in awe. From stark nude branches burst tiny catkin blooms. Eventually, those go to seed and we have leaves. In Alaska, when it starts, it moves fast. Everything is in a rush to jump into the season of spring, ending with a mixture of spring/summer which culminates in tourists.

Four years ago I came to Alaska in May. I am so grateful I did. The march of time has not shown mum in such a pleasant light. It would be worse if I had not been here to witness those changes and suddenly found them today. I am thankful. Incredibly thankful things have worked out the way they have. What a blessing there is in time. Try not to squander it. If you get a feeling you need to call someone, DO IT! There is always time, until there isn’t.


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