Green Up

IMG_6176 It appears there are many definitions for this phrase. I’m going to go with the one used by our beloved Jackie (meteorologist for KTUU News in AK). As I understood her to say, this is when you look around and see something might be happening to the trees and foliage, but it isn’t a perceptible change. Suddenly, it seems, overnight, it does! In the last week we’ve had a hint of green. Today, it is completely apparent it is here! I only wish we had daffodils to trumpet the news. Alas, those are not as common  around here. Mum has some just barely peeking out of the ground in the yard, not expecting to see flowers for a while yet.

THIS is a wonderful blessing. As much as I love ice and snow and winter, spring is a joy all in itself. Although, to be quite honest, we need rain.


One thought on “Green Up

  1. I much prefer looking out a window and seeing green rather than brown. When I first arrived in Canberra, it was a period of drought. Everything was brown. The place was truly ugly. Now it’s lush and green and looks so inviting except for the ridiculously dry weather that makes me miserable.


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