IMG_6145Hands are so important. It is only when you can’t use them, you realise how really special they are. Yesterday, I was outside doing a spot of yard work. Not much, it is still really cold. I had all the things one normally uses to dig in the dirt. A spade, a trowel, clippers, and gloves. I started out in the gloves, but eventually stripped them away to use my bare hands (which was when I found out how really chilly some parts of the ground still are!). Stirring the earth, grasping handfuls of dead leaves from the beds, and being stabbed unawares by rose stems buried in the mast. Yes, I was very thankful for the use of my hands.

Mum has trouble with her hands. She is supposed to have carpal tunnel surgery sometime on one of them. They hurt her a great deal. She takes nausea and pain pills often for the different things wrong with her and it makes me so sad. She has come such a very long way from last November when she was in Anchorage in IMCU. Chronic invalidism is not her thing! Steve is having surgery this week, also. He uses his hands to work on cars and needs the same kind of surgery done. His hands are his livelihood.

I type on this blog and am thankful I can. I can use my fingers to peck out words, sentences, and thoughts. What a gift we have in our hands! I reach mine out to you in thanks for you reading, following, and your friendship. What blessings are all around us!

(even when the different aspects of the blogging site won’t work properly!)


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