I have so many things I could be thankful for today. The amazing northerns I saw this morning when I woke to take care of mum, the water birds who kept me smiling as they dove under the ice to clear water, and mum’s friend who came to visit so I could do a couple of errands. Yet, the one thing I am going to share is kind of odd. It is learning. I am always learning things while taking care of mum. Most of them are hopefully not ever going to be used elsewhere ever again. Some of them are just frustrating. Like credit cards. I had paid EVERYTHING off. The only  bills to pay were normal kinds and most of those were automatic. But, I forgot one itty bitty thing. One silly ridiculous thing. When you pay a credit card off completely and don’t cancel it, you still have payments of fees. And if you don’t pay those fees on time, there is an exorbitant fee on top of that for being late. Which messes up the whole darn credit card again! Mum didn’t want these cards canceled. Education can hurt.  


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