MORE debts canceled


I get people like credit cards, but I do not. I was able to cancel something on one of mum’s today she didn’t use, which almost made me cry. I didn’t need to send them the Power of Attorney papers or anything, they just realised mum hadn’t used it since it was started and canceled it for me.

Then, I had to look at one I own. I was given it by a friend. A greendot pre paid Visa debit card. I got it in January. I activated it for my own use in February. I was able to cancel it today. I was so thankful! Because it is a credit card, it has fees. Every month almost 8$ was taken from it for, because it existed. I didn’t realise how it worked and after paying off mum’s and finding new payments due to fees, I grew disturbed. I tried to use the card awhile back and it was declined, which made me think it was empty. So, I didn’t use it again. Well, it was and it was getting more empty! I wasn’t aware you could take something from nothing to make more nothing!  Thankfully, it was just a tiny hole and the dear lady who canceled my card, canceled the debt as well. I think it was my query for an address to send a check to which made her erase it! The whole process seems to be online, but I didn’t register the card and didn’t receive the ‘real’ card they were to have sent to me. It was all a bit of a snafu. But, I am glad I don’t have to figure out how to send them a little less than 4$. 

Such a blessing to get rid of debts. 


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