Not a chore!

groceries I have chores to take care of while staying here at mum’s. I pay bills, take the trash to the dump, wash clothes, pick up meds, and purchase groceries. As I was out and about today, I realised something. Yes, these are things which need done, but I can do them. I have the opportunity to purchase groceries. I am fortunate I can put things in my cart to entice mum to eat more. It is a privilege and a blessing I am able to take care of these things for her. Tonight, she had strawberries and whipped topping with halibut and a snack of mini blueberry bagel halves with strawberry cream cheese. Years ago, these things would not be easily found on May first in Alaska. OK, the halibut would! :o) It is a blessing I am able to help out and a super amazing awesome blessing I can shop for obscure things like Neufchatel cheese and find it! (I did forget the milk….) 


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