A Gift

IMG_6085 I’ve written about the blessing of Karen before. She is a gift I am always glad to talk to or see. When she came this week, I thought she might cry. Mum fell on Saturday. She has a cut across the bridge of her nose  (we think it is broken) and a contusion you can see on her forehead, plus a black eye. Her left knee is swollen and her arm aches where she landed on it. When we went to the ER, the doctor who finally saw her asked a few questions, put gauze on her forehead,and sent her home. Mum’s dr (we saw her on Monday) peered into her eyes, did some eye tests, told mum she needed to ice her knee and face, and told us to go to the ER if mum had a headache or ANYTHING! Karen, this home health nurse is a saint. Karen cleaned mum’s face more thoroughly (mum said I didn’t need to do anything). She made mum promise to ice (mum didn’t want to), use her oxygen more often when she rests (mum is using it for naps now), and to go in to the ER if something changed. Mum has been following Karen’s directives, without me reminding her!!! Karen is a blessing beyond blessings. It is so wonderful to know she’s in my boat on this ride of caring for mum. I cannot sing her praises enough! Well, actually, I can’t sing, but I can tell everyone how amazing awesome Karen is!!! 


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