I write about the blessing of water often. Until you don’t have it, you don’t realize how amazing it is. I find it interesting people like living ‘off the grid ‘ without running water. I have lived without it many times in my life, I appreciate it thoroughly.  

Mum’s house has had a variety of problems with water. She also has a super high power bill ( the house is all electric). I think this was partially fixed this week. Every year I’ve been home, there is a basement shaking noise at all hours of the day. Mum said it was the well and I just went with it. No one who came to fix things noticed anything, probably because there was always some other problem to fix! 
The last weeks, it grew worse. The water pressure dropped dramatically and I decided to fix it and asked for advice. When I asked a friend if I should drain the water heater, he opted to visit. He discovered a bad switch on the pressure tank and replaced it. I am often almost in tears the last 24 hours! The grinding noise has ceased, the toilets can flush properly, and we have pressure! 
I am incredibly thankful for friends, for friends with knowledge , for simple things which can make great changes, and water! 💦 


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