To the Rescue!

20170417_095152 (2)

Once again, I locked the keys in mom’s care. I had brought two bags with me to the doctor’s office and was combining them into one. As soon as I shut the door to the car, I realised I had taken the keys from my pocket to put in a bag. A bag I was not holding! (I am shaking my head as I write this!) It was in the exact same place as the last time I locked the keys in the car. Different Dr, Same building. So, I knew the drill. I was given the number for the cab company and I waited. Not really very long, it just seems long when you want something to happen NOW! This super nice man (pictured above) tried to get in from the passenger door. No dice. He then squiggled several cool door opening things and a long bit of wire around so he could press the door unlock button on the driver’s side. Which, for some reason, set off the car alarm! I couldn’t open any other doors, so crawled in over the seat to get to my bag in the back and the key. Silence is definitely a golden thing.

So, this is my blessing today. A born and bred in Alaska Alaskan who broke into mum’s car with relative ease and restored the car keys with my pocket. Thank you, Alaskan Cab and your friendly helpful driver who didn’t seem to mind getting a hug from a thankful random stranger.


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