April Gold


I have shared this photo several times. I rather like it!

Up here in the north, April flowers from March showers are not quite as common. April Gold is elusive. It isn’t in daffodils or tulips or forsythia or basket of gold blooms or crocus hearts or…well, you get the idea! You need to go elsewhere to find it. I found it in this photo. It reminds me of Alaska. There is the old gold in the stream of water (the grasses) and the black, reminding me of the black gold of oil. It has a promise of light at the end of a tunnel of darkness. It has water running to remind me life is always moving, even in directions we might not want. There are ripples to show action and stillness to show peace. There is a future beyond the end. It is a promise.

Yup, I like it! 


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