Easter away from Oregon

Winter still grips part of the area in a tight fist. Yet, you can see the grasp weakening here and there. I was able to walk around the lake today and stayed dry all the way around. There is still a very solid layer on top of the lake and around it. The sugar snow and rotten ice are sparse. Above, the sky is bright blue and filled with the flutter of feathers. The air echoes with bird song, woodpecker hammers, and the incessant chattering of squirrels. We have many more birds today than we did on Good Friday. Camp robbers, juncos, and American 3 toed woodpeckers. In mum’s next-to-the-house garden, the hyacinth have color and there are tulips popping from the ground! The rest of mom’s tulips are still under several inches of snow.

I miss my Oregon spring. Easter in Eastern Oregon has daffodils and tulips and color exploding from the grass in violets. Exploding is exactly what it is like. Here, in North Kenai, it is gradual. The push of spring into the place of winter is kind and stubborn. It is going to happen, it is a promise of new season. A different sort of life coming back into the frozen land. Hooray for tomorrows. Hooray for spring! 


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