Thank you!


As a person who loves words, I’ve dabbled in blogs on many different sites. Of all of them, I like WP the best. Until recently, I have not utilised the Happiness Engineers who help people on WP. Today, I had a lovely person named Tasmiyah work with me. She encouraged and managed to assist me in such a way I thought I had done it myself!!!! She truly was a teaching star! Also called a WP expert, I fully expected one of those techs who would be bored and would be curt in their comments. Tasmiyah treated me like a person, not just an entity on the other end of whatever world she happened to be in. She is one of those reasons I would choose WP as a blogging platform over any other one out there in the net. (Granted, I’ve only tried a handful, but of the handful, this is the best!) Now, I can only hope she is assigned to me when I have more WP worries I can’t make head or tail of! Thank you, very much, Tasmiyah! You  really did make me happy~or was that the Kit Kat? 


5 thoughts on “Thank you!

      1. The feeling is definitely mutual!☺️😘 I’ve been away for about a week but look forward to catching up. Hope you are having a Happy Easter🐇

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