Mittens is a brat, but she is a good brat. She manages to make everyone a part of her world with her larghetto nuzzles, friendly overtures, and staccato bites. People who have not been around a cat before succumb to the insistent invitations from this persistent feline to stroke, speak to, and otherwise acknowledge her for as long as she deems fit. Mittens speaks more eloquently with the twitch of an ear or flick of a tail than I can do with a thousand words. She is precise in her language, showing annoyance when I misunderstand her.  Sometimes she deigns to sleep with me for a few minutes when I am curled up at night. More often, Mittens prefers to find her own nook to hide in. Yet, she goes on stage when people show up, appearing out of nowhere to grace visitors with her presence.  Somehow, in spite of the desires of the chosen human, she always receives the recognition she feels is hers.

IMG_5897 - Copy 


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