Pretty Cool Stuff

20170325_173956 In 1997, Mum took a class for one of her degrees. I think it was creative writing. Anyway, she wrote a story and thought it was the end of that project. Well, a couple of years ago, mom took the story in to a school to read to some kids in a special needs class. They enjoyed the rhyming sentences and asked for it again and again. One of the faculty members asked if they could borrow the story and mom consented. This is what has become of the silly stanzas mom scribed about a goat and a boat. A short picture book evolved from the brains of mom and an incredible illustrator, Ray Lee. Thank you, Ray. Thank you to his parents for pushing for this. Thank you for blessing my mom. After the paperwork is signed, Ray’s family will look for a publisher. Pretty cool, huh????? 


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