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Mom keeps books. Lots of different kinds of books. Old books, new books, really old books, and Reader’s Digest condensed books. As one who reads, I tend to pick up the old books and read about life in the distant past. In all of the older stories, firewood makes ashes to be used for household tasks. Usually, it was used for soap. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of making soap from ashes, but not to the point I really want to try it! One of the characters I read about used the ashes to sprinkle on ice. Which is where my blessing is going!

At this time, in North Kenai, there is a lot of ice. The bright sunshine has  been working on the snow and creating a dangerous lovely sheer layer of ice anywhere you walk. It is not as bad near the house, we don’to get out there much, so we can walk carefully. However, down by the news box it is awful. It is so bad, one day the newspaper people tossed the paper in the snow, rather than skid up to the box. This irritated me and I thought of ways to ‘fix’ the problem of ice. Chipping it took out some of the ice, scoring it didn’t do much at all, but then I remembered ashes! Mum had gotten the wood stove going in the two and a half weeks I was in Oregon last October and there were ashes in it. So, I scooped out a box full and took them to the drive. I felt rather old fashioned as I scattered ashes on the white shining path, I only hope it works! At least for a while.

So, books to thought to action. Gotta love books!!!!!!!!! 


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