For the birds!

They came back. I was pretty sure they would, but oh, they are such a joy! Since mom hasn’t been home since October, the feeders have bee neglected. When we arrived early this month of March, I’ve not been able to get to the feeders. So, I tossed seed on top of the snow. It was blown by the wind and settled into hollows of snow and then today, the birds arrived! They were scraps of color fluttering in the trees, punctuating the air with bright notes of cheer, and zipping around almost too fast for me to focus the camera on. I was just able to reach one of the smaller feeders and put a tiny bit of seed in that, too. Mom has nuthatches, chickadees, red polls, downy woodpeckers, and grosbeaks. I am sure there are others, but I have a problem. Unfortunately, when the stuff in the living room got moved, so did her bird books! I am slated to look for them. (not a  joy or blessing!!) Loving having the birds back, though! 


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