Not yet

In the states, spring has arrived. It is a bit like the scene from ‘The Secret Garden’ when  Mary tells Colin how she thought it had arrived, but now it really is here! Eastern Oregon is on the edge and soon it will be erupting into colors racing to bloom. In my yard,  The first pale crocuses are providing food for soul and bee and making way for the daffodils. Here, in North Kenai, we have a lot of winter left. Soon, in maybe a month, it will be my least favorite season up here. (Ok, tourist season is another worst!) It is break up which I do not appreciate much. I wish I could leave and come back before the Oregon heat of summer–after mid July! The optimum snow bird. The best of all worlds! I love winter, but this Alaskan girl has a deep appreciation for a lower 48 spring. 


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