This has been a blessing before. I lost it today, for about 12 minutes. They were an incredibly stressful 12 minutes. Actually, I’m not sure it was 12, but it wasn’t as long as I thought it was, so it couldn’t have been 20. I had it in my hand and then didn’t. Why was it stressful? This phone is my Alaska phone. In it are contacts which almost all pertain to mom. Of the 50 or so names I am in close contact with, 8 are relations,9 are in the line of health (7 are for mom), and 23 are people (not related) who are keeping tabs on mom. There are photos on it. Many are mom and a few are of her stoma, which is almost always hidden by a fitting for her waste bag. I needed to show the nurse what it looked like and haven’t deleted those yet. I don’t have a password for the phone, either. So, it could belong to almost anyone! 

When a young lady at Safeway noticed me closing my eyes and telling myself to calm down, she asked If I had lost a phone, a purple phone. She said she had returned it and didn’t get a chance to say much else, I hugged the stuffins out of her!!!  Twice. The lady next to her said she was going to go look in the parking lot, so I hugged her, too. When an unexpected delight happens, it is pretty awesome! Embrace those good things and celebrate them! 


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