Lights On!

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Last night, I fully intended to go online and do some catching up during the ‘off hours’ of mom’s internet time. However, I got distracted. Mum has picture windows overlooking the lake and last night, above the trees, the lights were dancing. They’d start out as timid splotches that exploded into streaks undulating across the sky. The moon washed out their vibrant colors, so the hues were muted, but their movements were fun to watch. I went to sleep with my eye on the horizon! I had to agree with one of my Alaskan/college friends, Kelly. She got to watch them from inside an airplane recently, and mentioned how much nicer it was to sit in comfort to witness their display. You don’t get a crick in your neck or freeze your butt off! I also thought about how nice it was I didn’t need to worry about where the kayak was drifting or if I’d move and swish water into my craft! (not something one needs to think about with ice and snow on the lake, but still!) Truly a spectacle to ditch technology for!!!ย 


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