A grateful heart


I know. Grateful for a fast food place? Well, I was today. Mum ate out for the first time in months. I always carb count and mom usually guesses when she eats anything. Since I am giving mom shots now, I have to give her the amount she is to have for her BG and then I ‘add’ a couple more for her meal. She had a child’s shake and applesauce today. The three items needed added up and I didn’t have my notepad. The friendly cashier saw my dilemma, looked off in the distance, and gave me the sum. I was amazed and grateful. I’m not entirely friendly with numbers and adding those up in my head was unlikely. Thank you, once again, to the very nice man who said he likes math. You are a hero today. 



3 thoughts on “A grateful heart

  1. Small (but big) heroes every day around us 💪✌️yeah, the same problems with a math here, thanks a lot to my calculator on the phone lol I think if it’s very quiet calm situation I can def count, on paper :)) not in my head haha but if stressful and have to give the answer very quickly – just a Big No :))

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    1. People often ask if I quilt. My mum does. I do not. I respond, that requires a lot of geometry and even with all those fancy cutting tools, it does not work!

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